InLei® | F360 Sanitizer


Clean every beauty equipment instantly with one spray!

A beauty professional has many tools to do the various procedures on their clients. Safety comes first, so the instruments you will use should get cleaned first. It becomes easy to sanitize the tools with the InLei® F360 Sanitizer. 

It is a perfect mixture of water and alcohol, which removes every impurity. Hence, cleaning the equipment will prevent any allergies and save your clients' skin. It is suitable to clean tools of different materials like plastic or metal.

Let's know some more:

  • It kills approximately 99% of germs and bacteria.
  • No extra water is necessary.
  • It acts fast and does not leave any residual.
  • Perfect for glass, plastic, metal, plexiglass, wood, and painted surfaces.
  • Quantity: 500ml easy to dispense.
  • 100% Made In Italy.

How to use: 

  • Spray on the surface.
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • Use a tissue or cloth to clean.

We recommend you use this spray every time before using the one tool on various customers. It will protect them from any irritations and also help in perfect procedures.

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    InLei® | F360 Sanitizer