InLei® | Eyebrow Ruler


A tool perfect for creating all-symmetrical eyebrows!

The correctly leveled eyebrows are not an easy task to do. Before starting any brow treatment, marking the precise lines is necessary. There are many tools, but the one that is doing the justice for crafting the perfectly balanced brows is here.

InLei® Eyebrow Ruler is a tool that goes all the way to help in drawing the correct markings, and as a result, your clients will get satisfied with your treatments. This ruler is amazingly flexible and fixes itself according to the different faces.

The practical reasons to buy this ruler:

  • Made with highly flexible plastic.

  • The millimeter graphic helps in getting maximum precision.

  • 100% Made In Italy.

Now, you can precisely support your clients' brows with our one ruler. It gives the facility of making the correct shape with the proper calculation.

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