InLei® | Eyebrow Pointed Tweezers


Precisely remove the extra hair from brows with crab tip tweezers!

The tweezers are a must-small tool for shaping the eyebrows. It gives the freedom to pluck the shorter or ingrown or extra hair correctly. Working with the bottom line of the brows is even easier now with a crab-tipped tweezer from InLei®.

We put all our efforts and love for the beauty experts to design the excellent tweezer that helps get accurate eyebrow shapes. Add it to the cart rig ht away and attain the desired eyebrows for clients.

See how it is the best:

  • It provides extreme precision.
  • Perfect for thinning and defining the eyebrow shape.
  • It is autoclavable.
  • Length: 95mm.
  • Lightweight and non-slip structure.
  • High-quality material AISI 430 Stainless Steel gets used. 

*100% Made In Italy.

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Marina Panfil

Love them