InLei® BAROLO Bowl


Quickly sanitize the small tools in one container!

The treatments to enhance the beautiful face features need one vessel to wash the small tools from time to time immediately. We notice that and design the most helpful product for the same. InLei® BAROLO Bowl is the one that will help to clean every piece of equipment like curlers, brush tips, F-brush, etc.

The bowl can hold the significant amount of water or sanitizer needed by a beauty expert during the procedures. Its structure has a double bottom with one narrower and another wider part. The latter one shows the water level, and the smaller portion is for the basic sanitation of the tools.

Barolo Bowls are helpful with:

  • The order consists of 1 bowl.
  • Holding a modest amount of water or sanitizer.
  • Complete sanitation of the small equipment.
  • Saving from the unnecessary wastage of the solution.

These bowls are for the makeup specialists who know the value of their clients and the high-quality products they are using with their tools.

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