Everlasting Brows | HERMES Microblading Lip Pigment


The unmatchable deep pink color is now possible with HERMES!

The words will be less to express how crucial it is to make the proper colors for the treatments. So, we are taking a solution for the beauty experts that can help make the intense pink shade.

We have the HERMES Microblading Lip Pigment from an incredible range of Everlasting Brows pigments. Like other Everlasting Brows pigments, it works well alone or when mixed with others. It creates an excellent mixture of pink color that adds life to your clients' lips.

Product details:

  • One bottle contains 10ml.
  • Safe formula with non-phototoxic properties.
  • Excellent blend.
  • Good for doing secondary shading.
  • High-quality solution.

The specialists must include this pigment in their kit and perform the tinting procedures effectively.

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