EB | GISELLE Microblading Pigment


EB | GISELLE Microblading Pigment

Product description

The perfect pigment for flawlessly natural-looking brows!

As a microblading professional, it is important to have a reliable and high-quality pigment in your kit. That is where Everlasting Brows® GISELLE Microblading Pigment comes in. Here are some key benefits of choosing this product for your treatments:

  • Versatility: The light golden tint of the GISELLE pigment is highly sought after by clients. It can be used alone or mixed with other light pigments for a variety of shades.

  • Long-lasting results: This pigment is highly concentrated, ensuring that your clients will have long-lasting, beautiful brows.

  • Safe and pure: The ingredients in the GISELLE pigment are of the highest quality, making it non-toxic and impurity-free. You can trust that this product will not cause any adverse reactions in your clients.

  • Convenient size: Each bottle of GISELLE pigment contains 10ml, making it easy to store and transport.

  • Easy to use: The GISELLE pigment is easy to mix and apply, allowing for smooth and precise treatments.

In short, Everlasting Brows® GISELLE Microblading Pigment is the perfect choice for microblading professionals looking to offer their clients the best in brow treatments. Its versatile shade, long-lasting results, and purity make it a top choice for any professional looking to give their clients beautiful, natural-looking brows.

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