Everlasting Brows | GISELLE Microblading Pigment

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Bring out the exact Light Golden tint for your beauty treatments!

A Light Golden is one of the most demanding colors you should add to your kit. Clients can ask you for any color they have in their minds. A specialist should always prepare the required products and tools to perform the makeup procedures.

The attractive blonde tint on the hair looks elegant that many clients admire. A great way to serve them with excellent outcomes is your responsibility. You can now go for making your clientele happy with GISELE Microblading Pigment from Everlasting Brows.

If you want to rethink, then go to read the following product qualities:

  • One bottle carries 10ml.

  • It has superior color with long-lasting results.

  • The pigment is highly concentrated.

  • Ingredients are high-quality.

  • It is non-toxic and impurity free.

The decision is all yours to select the GISELE PMU and Microblading pigment for the golden or warm blonde tints. It works well both by using alone or mixing with other light pigments.

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