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Clean the unwanted mistakes that happened during the treatment

Mistakes are common! In beauty treatments, an expert can easily erase any slip-up effortlessly. Now, there is no point in living with minor errors. Magic Mistake Eraser from Everlasting Brows makes it possible.

Satisfy the clients without any fault in the procedures and let them enjoy the superb results. At the same time, beauty professionals can continue to give attention to the actual work. All thanks to the Magic Mistake Eraser for easing the life of makeup experts.

Significant product features:

  • Easy-breezy to use.
  • It clears the fresh slip-ups quickly.
  • It helps in flawless Microblading procedures.

Add this lifesaver to the makeup toolkit and forget the pain of mistakes that may happen. The Mistake Eraser will take care of it.

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Mosley
Web review

I love the Magic Mistake Eraser!! It's my go to product when I see a little mistake that I have made!!