EB | Branded Paper Couch Roll | 100 pcs


EB | Branded Paper Couch Roll | 100 pcs

Product description

Professional Grade Barrier Cover

If you're a professional PMU artist, you know the importance of maintaining a clean and sterile environment for your clients. That's where Everlasting Brows® Everlasting branded Paper couch roll comes in. This professional-grade barrier bed cover is made with 2ply paper, ensuring maximum protection against bacteria and contaminants.

Not only is this paper couch roll functional, it also adds a touch of branding and professionalism to your salon. The Everlasting Brows® branding on the roll lets your clients know they're in good hands and will be receiving top-quality services.

Measuring at 60cm in width and 50m in length, each roll is perforated every 50cm, yielding a total of 100 pieces per roll. This means you'll have plenty of paper couch roll to last you through even the busiest days at the salon.

Not only will the Everlasting Brows® Everlasting branded Paper couch roll protect your clients and keep your salon clean, it will also give your salon a professional and branded appearance, setting you apart from your competition and reassuring your clients that they're receiving the best service possible. Make the smart choice for your salon and invest in Everlasting Brows® Everlasting branded Paper couch roll.

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