Everlasting Brows | After Care Leaflet


Important aftercare instructions for the Everlasting Brow applications

The beauty treatments do not need attention only during the sitting but also even after that. Many clients go for activities that may reduce the lasting effects of the newly performed beauty procedures.

Everlasting Brows presents essential information for all consumers. It is all about caring for the skin and the outcomes later. Get these leaflets and share them with the clients for saving the results for a longer time effortlessly.

Few instructions that are available on the leaflets are:

  • Do not apply the makeup or other products directly on the skin with fresh PMU/Microblading.
  • Strictly avoid using the sauna, sunbath and steam rooms.
  • While using a towel for drying, go for a pat and not rub.

*50 leaflets are available with this order.

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Alana Davis
Love Everlasting Brows

I have been using all of Everlastings products for years & always have great experiences with everything!

Lisa Garancsi

Thank you