EB | After Care Leaflet | 50 pcs


Get clients started on the right foot!

As a professional microblading artist, it is crucial that you provide your clients with the proper aftercare instructions to ensure the longevity of their new Brows. With the Everlasting Brows® aftercare leaflets, you can easily educate your clients on the necessary steps to take in order to maintain the beautiful results of their PMU or Microblading treatment.

The leaflets provide important instructions such as avoiding the use of makeup or other products directly on the skin immediately after treatment, avoiding activities such as the sauna, sunbath, and steam rooms, and using a patting motion instead of rubbing when drying the skin with a towel.

These simple but effective instructions can make a huge difference in the lasting effects of the Everlasting Brows® treatment, ensuring that your clients are satisfied with the results for a longer period of time. With 50 leaflets included in each order, you'll have plenty of resources to share with your clients to ensure they are fully informed on the proper aftercare methods.

By offering the Everlasting Brows® aftercare leaflets to your clients, you can not only improve the results of their treatment, but also show your dedication to providing top-quality care and service. Don't let the hard work of your Microblading treatments go to waste - make sure your clients have the necessary information to properly care for their Everlasting Brows® with these important aftercare instructions.

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Alana Davis
Love Everlasting Brows

I have been using all of Everlastings products for years & always have great experiences with everything!

Lisa Garancsi

Thank you