Everlasting Brows | DOMONIQUE PMU/Microblading Pigment Pump


Work with the latest pigment from Everlasting Brows!

We have the most innovative pigment for all beauty professionals. The pigment has the exquisite warm brown color that helps make your clients' preferences—the inspiration taken from a well-known personality, Domonique Bechtold.

The choice is yours, and the main hero is our DOMONIQUE PMU Pigment from Everlasting Brows. Whether you want your brown to dark or light or mix and match to make some new tint, this PMU pigment is magical.

Remarkable product details:

  • It heals true to color.
  • It can get mixed with other tints.
  • One bottle contains 10ml.

*This item is a limited edition run, and that is why you should order for yourself today!

Enjoy the freedom of serving your clients with DOMONIQUE pigment from the darkest to the lightest shade they want from you.

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