Everlasting Brows | Disposable Plastic Trays


Professionally organize your tools and apply products efficiently!

The makeup treatments get easy to perform when a palette supports everything better. A professional knows the hustle of switching between the brushes and dishes frequently. But not anymore with one spacious Disposable Plastic Tray from Everlasting Brows.

The plate has various separate sections to hold the pigments, mixtures, and brushes accurately. It is one piece of equipment that will help the experts to do the beauty procedures effortlessly.

Know about some good features:

  • It includes the tool notches.
  • Both wet and dry compartments.
  • Individual wells to prevent cross-contamination.
  • It keeps the work area neat and organized.
  • It is disposable.

Feel free to order the tray and get it to perform the highly organized beauty procedures on your clients.

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