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Glow & Skin Cryo Globes Course

Glow & Skin Cryo Globes are one of the very latest innovations in facial therapy and they look to be here to stay.  Used as a tool for a facial massage they can enhance all the benefits of manual massage with the added benefits of providing cryotherapy to the skin.

In the skilled hands of a trained therapist, Glow & Cryo Globes can improve lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness and improve blood flow as well as being therapeutic for conditions such as sinus.

The tools can be used with active serums or without and in combination with other skin treatments to give enhanced results.

Cryo globes are safe and effective and can be used on nearly all skin conditions.

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Course Details

In order to deliver the treatment safely and effectively, therapists must have a range of underpinning knowledge and training from industry experts to administer the procedure safely and effectively.

This training program aims to cover both the theory and practical applications of the Cryo Globe treatment.

The online training will include product presentation, theory, video demonstration, case study submission, treatment guidelines, and marketing guidelines.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Cryo Globe training, you will;

1. Understand the core knowledge of the Cryo Globe treatment.

2. Relate the Anatomy & Physiology of the skin to the Cryo Globes.

3. Relate the beauty therapy basics to the Cryo Globe treatment.

4. Understand the health & safety principles of the Cryo Globe treatment.

5. Complete a safe and effective Cryo Globe treatment.

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