InLei® | Fashion Lash Serum for Eyelashes and Brows (Pack of 24)


Fix the lashes and brows with a Serum that will add life!

Naturally long and healthier hair of the lashes and brows are now possible with the InLei® Fashion Lash Serum. Beauty professionals can provide beautiful results to clients with their lash or brow treatments.

However, the Fashion Lash will help maintain the results for a long time. In this way, even the natural re-growth of the hair will get started with deep moisturization.

Product inclusions:

  • An outer box of the exhibitor packing.

  • 24 pieces of Fashion Lash Serum in a cardboard display.

  • Cardboard brochure with the details of product functions.

Product Benefits:

  • Advantages of “Luminescence.”

  • Safe on sensitive eyes.

  • It brightens the lashes.

  • It saves the tinted brows during summer.

  • It adds moisturization in the winters.

  • It promotes eyelash growth.

  • It helps with discoloration.

*Made in Italy.

The beauty experts can get this pack and, after the treatment, ask clients to buy this for the added benefits.

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