Everlasting Brows | Consultation Forms


Ask clients to fill out the essential data before starting the beauty treatment

The beauty specialists know the value of every clinical and skin information about coming clients. It plays a crucial role to care about their skin and health correctly. Without checking the feasible conditions of your client in advance can cost you a lot more than money.

Everlasting Brows designed the consultation forms for the experts. If the clients went recently through any treatment, you can suspect and tell them the duration after which they can perform the desired procedures.

Check the following inclusions:

  • General consent and permit forms.

  • Microblading pre-procedure forms.

  • The client consultation and health forms.

*You will receive a pack of 50 forms.

Ask the clients to fill about their allergies, skin, health, and service requests. With this, you may also like to visit Everlasting Brows Microblading Blades, Everlasting Brows Topical Anesthetic Gel, Everlasting Brows Eyebrow Measuring Tape.

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