Lash Cleaning Brush


Now polished lashes with the correct brush are possible!

Hands are not the right tool to clean delicate areas like eyelashes. However, while a professional needs to start the eyelash treatment, the first step is to wash out any dust or makeup residue. It is easy to clear every impurity sitting on the lashes with a great Lash Cleaning Brush. 

Using such a brush is perfect, and the soft design is according to the concern of wispy hair on the lashes. So, try this out and make your client’s eyes clear quickly. 

Product specifications:

  • The handle of the brush is sturdy.
  • Color: Black.
  • Double-tipped for precise work.

It is better to have a good stock of the Lash Cleaning Brushes because the queue outside your clinic will not want to wait. So, Hurry Up and order today to get your brushes. 

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