2 in 1 Lash and Brow Brush+Comb


Professionally perform the lash and brow treatments

While using a tool to apply a mixture on the clients' lashes or brows, have you ever felt it challenging to pick the correct amount. RELAX! It happens to so many professionals or beginners in the makeup industry.

The best part is you only need to buy a single tool. One tool can do the two tasks, and it's "Lash and Brow Brush with Comb." It is a little brush that is also a perfect comb. So, go for it to enhance the lashes perfectly and define the brows.

Read the product features:

  • Double-sided comb and brush.

  • Made of sable's hair.

  • Extremely easy to handle.

  • It is sanitizable for reuse purposes.

  • Feasible for the maneuver.

Welcome the new helpful tool in your makeup toolkit and comfort the clients. It will save time and fasten the procedures.

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