EB | ASHLEY Corrective Pigment


The perfect pigment for flawlessly natural-looking brows!

As a microblading professional, it is essential to have a wide range of high-quality pigments at your disposal. This allows you to create the perfect shade for each client, ensuring that their brows look natural and flawless. That's where Everlasting Brows® |ASHLEY Corrective Pigment comes in.

This pigment is specially formulated to provide a "cloudy ash" tint, which is perfect for creating subtle, natural-looking brows. It is highly saturated, so you can achieve bold, defined strokes with ease. Plus, it is feasible to mix with other pigments to create custom shades, giving you even more flexibility in your work.

Not only is this pigment perfect for semi-permanent tattoo coloring, but it also has excellent longevity. The results can last up to 12 months, ensuring that your clients will be thrilled with the end result. As a professional, you can trust that Everlasting Brows® |ASHLEY Corrective Pigment will deliver the perfect tint every time, helping you to create beautiful, long-lasting brows for your clients.

So why wait? Make Everlasting Brows® |ASHLEY Corrective Pigment a part of your pigment collection today. You'll love the precision and versatility it brings to your work, and your clients will love the natural, flawless brows you create with it.

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