MAB Angled Cleaning Brush


Clean the extras on the eyes with an angle-styled cleaning brush!

When professionals use the skill to add definition to the eyes, they must need one more tool in their collection. MAB Angled Cleaning Brush gets designed for the most critical situations. It is a cleaning brush that will be helpful when a little product or a little mess happens.

It has a structure that suits best for the perfect control and cleaning. The handle's material is sturdy, and the hair is soft for a gentle touch on the skin. An angle cut is for the finishing with precision.

Product Features:

  • Perfectly clean the extra product.
  • Soft on the skin.
  • Innovative angled cut.
  • It can get used during any lash or brow treatment.

Get it for the better-looking outcomes that stand out on the clients. Add to cart in front of you so do not delay any more.

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