Everlasting Brows | ALEK Microblading Pigment


Take the darkest pigment for the professional Microblading treatments

If darker mixes are complex for you to form every time you need them, here is the best solution. We are offering you the darkest pigment for all the Microblading procedures. It is closest to black, but it is not solid black.

With Everlasting Brows ALEK Microblading Pigment, you are all set to perform the expert beauty processes that demand the darkest shade from you. Get it right now and make the denser and darker color mixtures quickly.

Exciting product features:

  • Formulated in Germany.
  • The best part is it does not need any modifier.
  • It offers the perfect mixability.
  • Close to the black but not genuinely black.

Give the clients strictly darker tints they want from you without putting effort. Receive the order as fast as possible after ordering it.

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