purHENNA® | Brow Henna Instructions

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With this purHENNA® brow henna instructional download, you will always have a step by step guide on henna brows handy.

purHENNA® | brow henna | color palette

Free Downloadable henna color chart. Show your clients the range of brow henna services you can provide. Please click link for the free download to have printed at your convince.

purHENNA® | brow henna | liability form

Client Confidentiality Form - explain all details to your clientele and get to know your clients before starting any procedure!

purHENNA® | Brow Henna | Aftercare Flyer

Promotional flyer to educate clients on the aftercare of their purHENNA® Brow treatment.

MAB | consent forms | covid-19

This free form will help you stay COVID compliant.

InLei® | Lamination Treatment | Reference Card

Download this free InLei® brow bomber lamination service quick reference card.

For personal use or to help your apprentice these cards highlight the key steps in completing an InLei® brow bomber lamination treatment.

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