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Lash Tint Kit

InLei®'s revolutionary lash tint kit will give your clients outstanding, long-lasting results

As a beauty professional, you'll know that lash and brow procedures are among the most requested beauty treatments in salons around the world. People love getting their eyelashes tinted and lifted. And brow tinting or laminations are extremely popular too. But procedures such as lash extensions are becoming less sought after as clients favor techniques that enhance their natural beauty without all the maintenance.

People have busy lives, and they just want to look fresh and 'ready to go' when they get up in the morning, without spending hours applying eye makeup. That's why they love the low-maintenance lashes eyelash tinting provides.

Eyelash tinting lets your clients say goodbye to their mascara for a few weeks. It's an excellent service to provide on its own, or you can offer it to clients alongside a brow tint or eyelash lift. It will enhance their results from those treatments and increase your sales.

If you're already offering lash tinting, you're doing well. But are you using the best lash tints available? Because one product stands out high above the rest... InLei® eyelash tint.


Introducing InLei® lash tint

InLei® lash tints are made from a gentle chemical solution that uses argan oil to nourish and keep the lashes healthy. They come in eight stunning colors and can be used alone, or you can mix them to find the perfect blend to compliment your client's skin tone.

These tints can be used alongside a lash lift or as a stand-alone beauty treatment. And, while you're carrying out an eyelash lift and tint, why not give your clients a brow tint too? These tints work on both.

What are the benefits of InLei® lash tint?

  • There's no need for your clients to wear mascara as their eyelashes will appear naturally darker
  • The argan oil contained within the dye nourishes the eyelashes, making lashes look soft, silky, and healthy
  • Clients will enjoy long-lasting results. InLei® eyelash dye lasts for 6-8 weeks (that's up to 4 weeks longer than a standard lash dye!)

InLei® eyelash tints, plus all the products you need to carry out the treatment, are available to order as single products or combined in lash tint kits or a lash lift and tint kit.

Who is InLei®?

InLei® is an Italian beauty brand that is the world’s number 1 in professional products for lash artists. ‘Made in Italy’ is a worldwide sign of quality for any product. And it’s the same for InLei®’s lash tints. They combine years of research, Italian craftsmanship, and raw material that guarantees high quality to give excellent results on eyelashes.


Get all the tint products you need in one handy lash tint kit

Get all the eyelash tint products you need in a kit for convenience at the My Absolute Beauty online store. There are two eyelash tinting kits available. One that's exclusively designed for lash tinting and one that doubles up as a lash and eyebrow tint kit.

Each kit contains different items. So, take a look at the details below, then read on to learn more about the individual products.

InLei® eyelash tint kit

InLei’s® Brow Bomber is a revolutionary eyebrow treatment that’s the answer to all your client’s eyebrow-related prayers!

The InLei® eyelash tinting kit includes everything you need to carry out dark lash tints - the most popular choice. It contains shiny black and blue night tint dyes which can be used alone or mixed in different ratios to achieve a shade that compliments your client's skin tone.


  • 2 x tints (shiny black, blue night)
  • Developer cream
  • Pro tint remover
  • Michelangelo brush
  • Solo bowl
  • Black reusable eye pad

InLei® eyelash and eyebrow tint kit

InLei’s® Brow Bomber is a revolutionary eyebrow treatment that’s the answer to all your client’s eyebrow-related prayers!

The InLei® eyelash and brow tint kit is an eyelash and eyebrow tint kit in one.


InLei® Brow Bomber will take your eyebrow services to the next level as you can guarantee brows will be:

  • 8 x tints (shiny black, blue night, brown, light brown, cappuccino, chestnut, silver, red)
  • Eyebrow browning decolorant "sunshine"
  • Developer cream
  • Saline pretreatment
  • Pro tint remover
  • Leonardo brush
  • Solo bowl
  • Color chart

Let's take a closer look at the products within the InLei® lash tint kits

Products within each lash tint kit vary and can include:

A lash lift and tint kit includes:

InLei® lash tint

Lash tints come in eight stunning colors, which can be used alone or mixed to find the perfect blend to compliment your client's skin tone. Buy them in separate tubes or as part of a lash lift and tint kit. Each tube contains 15ml of tint - enough for approximately 100 applications.

Colors include: • Shiny black • Blue night • Brown • Light brown • Cappuccino • Chestnut • Silver • Red

InLei® lash tint developer cream

This lash tint developer cream helps to enhance the tint colors without damaging the lashes. Each bottle contains 100ml of cream - enough for more than 1000 applications.

InLei® solo bowls

The solo bowls come with three separate bowls used for mixing lash tints. They have a stable base and a cavity to hold your brush and are quick and easy to clean. When sold separately, these bowls come in packs of three. Each lash tint kit contains one bowl.

InLei® saline pretreatment

This saline pretreatment solution can be used to gently and effectively clean away dust or makeup from every strand of hair before a lash treatment, ensuring you get the best results. Each bottle con- tains 100ml of treatment.

InLei® pro tint remover

This pro tint remover can be used throughout the tinting process to gently and effectively remove any excess tint dye from your client's skin, ensuring they don't go home with dark tinges. It contains hydrogenated castor oil to nourish the skin and has a fresh lemon scent. Each bottle contains 100ml of treatment.

InLei® Leonardo brush

With its oblique angled brush head, this lash tool can be used to apply lash dye to your client's lashes with precision.

InLei® Michelangelo brush

This brush is ideal for applying the perfect amount of dye to your client's lashes or brows. It's soft with an extra-fine texture that only absorbs a moderate amount of product.

InLei® black reusable eye pad

Never deal with irritating eye pads that don't stick again! These eye pads are made of latex-free sili- cone, and they cling securely to your client's skin while you carry out their eyelash tint.

InLei® tint dye color chart

This helpful color chart gives all the details you need to mix tints together to find the perfect tone for your client. It includes the tint ratios required for each color and how long you need to leave it on the hair.

InLei® eyebrow browning decolorant

This brow bleaching cream is included in the eyelash ad brow tint kit. It's used to bleach the brows up to 3 shades lighter and contains argan oil to prevent the bleach from drying out the brow hairs. Each tube has 15ml of bleach - enough for approximately 100 appli- cations.

Get everything you need to offer InLei® eyelash tinting from My Absolute Beauty

InLei® is the mark of quality and the standard of excellence in lash products. That’s why we’ve partnered with them to become their official US headquarters.

My Absolute Beauty is the world leader in lash lift, brow lift, filler, tints, and microblading. And we're an online shop and trainer for licensed professionals. With our help, you can provide clients with reliable and high-quality treatments that give impressive results. The type of results that makes them return time and time again.

We offer the entire range of InLei® lash products, including the best lash tint kits available. Plus all the tools and marketing materials needed to provide a first-class service. Browse the range for the product details and kit out your salon today.

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