As a beauty professional, you'll know that lash and brow procedures are among the most requested beauty treatments in salons around the world. People love getting their eyelashes tinted and lifted. And brow tinting or laminations are extremely popular too. But procedures such as lash extensions are becoming less sought after as clients favor techniques that enhance their natural beauty without all the maintenance.

People have busy lives, and they just want to look fresh and 'ready to go' when they get up in the morning, without spending hours applying eye makeup. That's why they love the low-maintenance lashes eyelash tinting provides.

Eyelash tinting lets your clients say goodbye to their mascara for a few weeks. It's an excellent service to provide on its own, or you can offer it to clients alongside a brow tint or eyelash lift. It will enhance their results from those treatments and increase your sales.

If you're already offering lash tinting, you're doing well. But are you using the best lash tints available? Because one product stands out high above the rest... InLei® eyelash tint.