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Lash Lift While Pregnant

InLei® Lash Filler is a safe and effective lash lift for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for women. But hormonal changes can be tough on their body and their beauty regimens. Especially for those who love the look their lash tint and lift gives them but worry whether a lash treatment is safe during pregnancy.

As a licensed professional, you want to give your pregnant clients the correct advice and feel confident that they and their baby will be safe if you perform
a lash lift. Because when it comes to lash lifts and pregnancy, safety is the most important thing.


So, is a lash lift beauty treatment safe during pregnancy?

The short answer here is... yes! With the proper precautions, and as long as your pregnant client has consulted their doctor, they can have the gorgeous, curled lashes that a lash lift offers.

But, before you go ahead and carry out a lash lift beauty treatment on a pregnant client, it’s essential to understand the risks and know how hormone changes can affect their reaction to the products. And, also to get clued up on which is the best lash lift brand to use.

Why you need to be cautious when using beauty products on pregnant women

InLei® Lash Filler is a 3-step lash lifting treatment with extra oomph... going one step further than a traditional lash lift. The specially developed products use a combination of thioglycolic acid and hydrogen peroxide to gently penetrate the hair structure without causing damage to the surface. Deconstructing then reconstructing the lash curl, just like you see in a typical lash lift. But then there’s an extra step!

Is there a risk to the baby?

All beauty products contain chemicals that are absorbed into the bloodstream when they make contact with the skin. Just like the way our bodies absorb nutrients from food when we eat. And, when a woman becomes pregnant, the same rules apply. However, they are now carrying a baby, and the chemicals can travel through their bloodstream to the fetus. In addition, treatments that emit highly toxic fumes can be inhaled and transferred to the baby.

So, as an esthetician, you need to be extra cautious about the chemicals you use on pregnant women to mitigate these risks.

Is there a risk to expecting mothers?

In addition to chemical absorption, the other thing to be aware of is how hormone changes in pregnancy can affect how a woman’s body reacts to chemicals.

During pregnancy, the sudden increase in progesterone and estrogen can lead to changes in a woman’s body. Your clients may suddenly develop allergic reactions to lash lifts when they weren’t allergic before. In addition, the area around the eyes may be more susceptible to irritation. Some women may experience hyperpigmentation which is why they should not have body sculpting and spray tanning treatments. And, after their first trimester, women often experience a ‘glow’ that makes the skin clear, nails grow stronger, and hair, including eyelashes, grow faster.

It’s recommended you don’t carry out any beauty treatments on pregnant women during their first trimester (the first three months). This is because their body has only just started to go through changes, so there’s a small but increased risk that they will develop an allergic reaction. And, as pregnant women can’t take antihistamines during this time, it’s best to wait.

How do hormone changes affect lash lift results?

All beauty products contain rigorously tested chemicals to ensure they are safe to use on the skin. But, in pregnancy, hormonal changes can change how the body reacts to them.

Eyelashes grow every 6-8 weeks, which is why the effects of a lash lift treatment lasts that long. But in pregnancy, hair growth can speed up, or sometimes expecting mothers can experience hair loss. So, this may mean your pregnant clients' lash lift and tint doesn't last as long as normal. It’s also possible your client’s new lashes may not hold their curl as satisfactorily during pregnancy due to increased hormone levels affecting the hair structure.

If this happens to your pregnant client, don’t be tempted to give them their next lash lift before 8 weeks, as using too much glue on the lashes can make them brittle.

A lash lift is a simple and non-invasive treatment that’s safe to carry out during pregnancy

The good news for your clients who want to maintain their gorgeous lashes during pregnancy is that a lash lift is safe. The treatment is non-invasive because, during the procedure, the skin is protected by silicone shields providing a barrier between the chemicals and the eyelid. And the area under the eyes is covered with eye pads. So, any contact between the lash lift solution and skin is minimal. In addition, the procedure is relatively quick, taking just 45-60 minutes. So, it’s a better option than lash extensions.

What are the best lash lifting products to use during pregnancy?

There are many different brands of lash lift available, and while most are safe for pregnant women, it’s essential to choose a quality product to avoid complications.
One brand that exceeds expectations is InLei® Lash Filler.

Introducing InLei® Lash Lifts

Many companies in this industry ignore the dangers of harsh ingredients in lash lift products, which often means they can’t be used on clients with allergies. And, in these cases, they probably shouldn’t be used on women during pregnancy either.

But InLei® has gone above and beyond in formulating their lash lift solutions. Their scientists spent years finding the perfect combination of gentle ingredients that effectively enhances natural lashes while nourishing the hair and promoting growth.

This means InLei® Lash Filler is an effective treatment that’s safe to use during pregnancy.

Create gorgeous natural lashes for your pregnant clients

InLei® Lash Filler is a lash lift treatment that not only gives natural eyelashes a lift to make them look longer. It’s also the only treatment in the world scientifically proven to nour- ish the bulb and promote hair growth, making natural lashes stronger and visibly thicker. And your clients can get these results too.

InLei® Lash Fillers create dynamic changes in natural eyelashes, including:

• Gorgeously natural curl

• Stronger lashes

• Thicker lashes

• Longer lashes

• Nourished lashes

What should pregnant clients do before, during, and after a lash lift appointment

If your client is looking to get a lash lift and tint during pregnancy, always recommend that they consult with their doctor first, as they may be on other medications that aren't compatible with a lash lift. And, if they are cleared by their doctor, perform a patch test to ensure they haven’t developed an allergic reaction to the chemicals.

During the procedure, it’s important to ensure your expecting mother is comfortable. For example, they may find it difficult to lie flat, so offer to sit them up a little. And be sure to use a high-quality, tested brand of lash lift, such as InLei® Lash Filler.

After the lash lift procedure, give clients appropriate aftercare instructions to help them avoid any complications.

At My Absolute Beauty, we’ve got everything you need to offer InLei® Lash Lifting treatments to your pregnant clients

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Alternative ways for pregnant clients to enhance their natural eyelashes

If you've discovered that lash lifts aren't suitable for a pregnant client, why not offer them some alternative products to enhance their natural lashes:

InLei® Fashion Lash - ClearLash & Brow Serum

InLei® Fashion Lash is an oil-based serum that adds volume and lengthens lash hairs. In addition, it has all the nutrients needed to nourish and support the hair all day.


InLei® Frida All In One Mascara

The InLei® Frida mascara is an oil-free mascara that glides smoothly onto lashes without leaving clumps. The all-natural and non-toxic ingredients and design of the brush helps to protect, heal and strengthen the lashes.

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