lash lift while pregnant

We write this article because when it comes to lash lifts and pregnancy, safety is the most important thing.

As a licensed professional, you want to give your pregnant clients the correct advice and feel confident that they and their baby will be safe if you perform a lash lift.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for women. But hormonal changes can be tough on their body and their beauty regimens. Especially for those who love the look their lash tint and lift gives them but worry whether a lash treatment is safe during pregnancy.

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What brand of Lash Lift is Best?

Selecting a quality lash lift product is crucial to avoid any potential complications, given the numerous brands available in the market. InLei Lash Filler stands out as a brand that surpasses expectations and you can find it only at My Absolute Beauty.

What are the risks associated with getting a lash lift while pregnant?

Always explain your client that although the risks associated with getting a lash lift while pregnant are minimal, it is important to consult with their doctor beforehand. By taking the necessary precautions, they can enjoy the benefits of beautifully curled lashes throughout your pregnancy.

Explain them there are a few things that they can do to reduce the risks associated with getting a lash lift while pregnant

Choose a quality brand of lash lift that has been tested.At My Absolute Beauty we work only with the best products as InLei.

You have to perform a patch test before you do the lash lift treatment.

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We hope this article helped answer some of your lash lifts and pregnancy questions. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at

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Did you know...

Lash lifts were first developed in Japan: The concept of lash lifts originated in Japan, where women have long been fascinated with enhancing their lashes. The treatment was initially called "eyelash perms" and gained popularity in the 1990s.

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