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Not only are we the world leader in lash and brow lifts, filler, tints, and microblading. We're also the official US headquarters for InLei® - an Italian beauty brand that's partnered with us to bring the highest quality products to the US.

Our Exclusive Brands: InLei, purHenna, Everlasting Brows, and Glow & Skin.

As a beauty professional, you know it takes more than awesome technical skills to give lash lift clients jaw-dropping results. It’s also about using the best products... not just the eyelash lift lotions, but all the lash lift supplies, such as the curling rod, glue, brushes, mixing dishes, lash lift kits, aftercare products, and more.

InLei combines Italian craftsmanship with high-quality raw materials to produce beauty products that deliver superior results. Their lash lift supplies have revolutionized the lash industry, and they truly stand out in terms of quality and results.

Having strong skills and concentration can pay off better with the use of the perfect tool. Given the high demand for Lash Lifting treatments, it is crucial to have the right equipment to make the process more efficient and seamless.

Each technician needs the precision you will get with the InLei® lash and brows supplies.

Each step of a procedure is crucial for a professional, and it's essential to apply them with the understanding that they are clean and free from any risk of cross-contamination.

Choose a quality brand of lash lift that has been tested.At My Absolute Beauty we work only with the best products as InLei.

InLei® products are specially crafted with lash and brow professionals in mind, ensuring the highest level of quality and precision. It's essential not to settle for imitations or inferior products and instead showcase the superior results that can be achieved with InLei® supplies from My Absolute Beauty.

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By adding InLei supplies to your makeup toolkit, you can achieve professional-grade results with ease. My Absolute Beauty is committed to offering top-quality products and tools that can assist you in succeeding in the beauty industry.

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InLei® | Fillering Tool

One tool that does both Lash separating and filling effortlessly. InLei® Fillering Tool is about giving attention to the details and expertly separates each hair and does the flawless filling. Isn’t it great to not switch between the tools frequently? Our Fillering tool makes the job a piece of cake, and beauty professionals can have an improved focus.

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lash shields

InLei® | Forma | Shields

InLei® Forma shield, a revolutionary tool for lash professionals. With its unique half-moon shape and adjustable notches on the upper edge, the Forma shield allows for precise alignment of lashes.

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Did you know...

Many lash filler supplies also contain nourishing ingredients, such as keratin and biotin, which can help to strengthen and revitalize lashes over time.

InLei® | Helper Tool 2.0

If you're a professional offering eyelash lift or lash services, the InLei® Helper Tool 2.0 is a must-have in your kit.

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