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Lash Lift Supplies

Everything you need for lash lifts from top beauty brand InLei® at My Absolute Beauty

As a beauty professional, you know it takes more than awesome technical skills to give lash lift clients jaw-dropping results. It’s also about using the best products... not just the eyelash lift lotions, but all the lash lift supplies, such as the curling rod, glue, brushes, mixing dishes, lash lift kits, aftercare products, and more.

My Absolute Beauty can help. We're an online beauty shop for licensed professionals who offer the highest quality products and services. We also provide training and discounts to salon owners and wholesale distributors - everything you need to run a successful salon.

Not only are we the world leader in lash and brow lifts, filler, tints, and microblading. We're also the official US headquarters for InLei® - an Italian beauty brand that's partnered with us to bring the highest quality products to the US.

They combine Italian craftsmanship with high-quality raw materials to produce beauty products that deliver superior results. Their lash lift supplies have revolutionized the lash industry, and they truly stand out in terms of quality and results.


InLei® Lash Filler is the only lash lift that naturally thickens and lengthens lash hair

Introducing InLei® Lash Filler

InLei® Lash Filler is an eyelash procedure that gives natural lashes a lift to make them appear longer, just like any standard eyelash lift. However, it goes much further than that! It's also the only globally proven treatment that promotes hair growth, making lashes stronger, longer, and visibly thicker.

In clinical tests, it was proven that the diameter of the lashes increased with each procedure. And on average, there was a 24% increase in eyelash thickness after just three treatments.

InLei® Lash Lift Kits

The secret to InLei® Lash Filler's awesome results is the lotions and unique third step in the process.

Steps 1 and 2 are like a standard lash lift. Step 1 uses Form 1 solution to deconstruct the existing curl so you can move the eyelash hairs into their new position. And step 2 uses Fix 2 solution to recreate keratin bonds and perm the lashes into a more appealing shape.

For these steps, InLei® uses a special combination of thioglycolic acid and hydrogen peroxide to gently penetrate the hair structure without causing damage to the surface.

But, it's the third step in the process that makes the biggest difference to results compared to standard lash lifts. Step 3 uses Filler 3 solution that penetrates deep into the hair structure to nourish, repair damage and promote growth and longevity. Creating longer, thicker lashes.

So, why not take your eyelash lifting services to the next level and use the best lash lift supplies in the beauty industry. Ones that guarantee gorgeous lashes that are:

• Naturally curled

• Stronger

• Visibly thicker

• Longer

• Unbelievably soft

And the long-lasting thickening effect remains for up to 7 months!

InLei® scientists spent years finding the perfect combination of gentle ingredients to effectively enhance natural lashes while nourishing the hair and promoting growth. And it's the only procedure backed by science as it's clinically proven to thicken lashes by 24%.

And, if InLei's® unmatched quality and unique, awe-inspiring results aren't enough, they’ve also gone the extra mile to keep their products cruelty-free and vegan.

Shop for all your InLei® Lash Lift supplies at My Absolute Beauty. InLei® Lash Filler lotion is available in sample packs or single lotions sold separately, in sachets or bottles. As well as lash lift kits and eyelash filler and tint combo packs.


InLei® Lash Lift Silicone Curlers and Lash Lift Glue

InLei® Lash Curlers are a unique lash lifting tool that gives superior results

InLei® thrives on raising the bar of excellence for lash lift products. So, forget the standard curling rod. These exclusively designed eyelash curlers make InLei®'s revolutionary Lash Filler more successful.

After years of research, InLei® created a design that slowly gets thinner as it nears the inner corner of the eye. As a result, these eyelash curlers outperform a standard curling rod – they use the whole eyelash line, not just the outer part.

Simply stick them to your client's upper eyelids using InLei® Fixing Gel - a gentle lash lift glue - and use them as a mold to shape and curl the lashes.

Several sizes are available, in two curl lines: natural and dolly. So you can find the perfect shape and curl for each customer. The natural line is ideal for straight lashes, while the dolly line suits lashes with natural curls.

Shop for all your InLei® Lash Lift supplies at My Absolute Beauty. InLei® Silicone Lash Lift Curlers are available in multipacks of various sizes or singles. InLei® Lash Lift Glue is available in a 5ml bottle with an application wand.


InLei® Lash Lift Tools

Strong skills that enable you to carry out eyelash lifts are essential. But the perfect results can only be achieved with expert tools to do the job right. And that's what we've got at My Absolute Beauty.

Our range of eyelash lift supplies includes everything you need to protect the client's skin during the procedure, mix and apply the lotions, separate the lashes with precision, and move them into their new position.

Here are some of the most popular lash lift supplies available:


InLei® Black or White Pads
fix these under your client's eyes to protect the skin during the procedure

InLei® Inpatch
use these to isolate the lower eyelashes

InLei® Premium F Brush
use this with saline pretreatment to clean the lashes before the procedure

InLei® Mr. Stick
this is a spatula used to stir and apply the solutions

InLei® Picasso, Vincent, or Leonardo Brush
use these to apply the solutions to the lashes


InLei® Fillering Tool
use this to lift and separate the lashes quickly. Expertly separating each hair

InLei® MINIONS Micro Brush
use this for fine detailing on small eyelash hairs

InLei® Lash Lifting and Filling Helper Tool
use this to straighten the lashes smoothly

InLei® Isolator Tool
use this to isolate and correctly place every hair

InLei® Lash Lift Accessories

In addition to the lash lift supplies that allow you to carry out eyelash treatments are the accessories that support them. Our collection of eyelash lift supplies includes solutions to clean the eyelashes, chemicals to clean equipment, and bowls to hold those solutions.

Here are some of the most popular lash lift supplies available:

InLei® Saline Pretreatment
use this solution to clean the lashes before starting a procedure

InLei® F360 Sanitizer
use this solution to clean all your equipment

InLei® Trio Dish
use this to hold the solutions and brush

InLei® Barolo Bowl
use this dish to clean small items

InLei® Lash Lift Aftercare Products

As you know, a successful eyelash lift doesn’t end when your client leaves the salon. The way the client treats their lashes over the next few days is crucial to maintaining their results.

We've got everything you need to send your customers home with expert advice and the best products to look after their new eyelashes.

Here are some of the most popular lash lift supplies available:


InLei® Informational Aftercare Flyer
this flyer gives advice to help clients keep their lashes lifted for longer

InLei® Frida All In One Mascara
this sleek, oil-free mascara can be used 24 hours after the procedure

InLei® Fashion Lash
this serum nourishes the lashes and promotes growth for longer and thicker hair


InLei® Delicate Aloe Mousse Cleanser
this oil-free cleanser is used to clean the face without causing eyelash droop

InLei® TEDDIES Microfibre Brushes
customers can use these to brush their lashes daily after 24 hours

Stock your beauty shop with the InLei® Lash Lift range

My Absolute Beauty is an online beauty shop for licensed beauty professionals. We offer the highest quality products and services and stock everything you need to provide InLei® Lash Filler treatments to your clients. That includes all your lotions, eyelash filler kits, tools, and aftercare products... plus expert training.

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InLei® Eyelash Filler Training Courses

with the leading eyelash filler training and certification with lifelong follow-up and support to keep you up to date with the latest trends, techniques, and tools.

Our eyelash lifting training courses include:

InLei® Lash Filler Conversion Course - for professionals who have trained in standard eyelash lifts and now want to learn the InLei® way

InLei® Lash Lift & Filler Trainers Training - for professionals who have an InLei® Lash Filler certification and now want to train others:


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