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Lash Lift Benefits

11 amazing benefits of InLei® lash lifts

The key to running a successful beauty salon lies in having a healthy flow of clients. And the best way to do that is by wowing existing clients with awe-inspiring results, so they keep coming back.

As a beauty professional, you'll know that eyelash lifting is a popular treatment. So it's crucial clients receive the best lash lift benefits available to impress them.

However, if you're only using a standard lash lift, the benefits will be minimal. But, there’s an eyelash lifting treatment that goes further. It still lifts and curls the hair, but it alsopromotes growth, helping lash hair to grow thicker and longer.


Introducing InLei® lash filler

InLei® lash filler is an eyelash lifting treatment that gives natural lashes a lift to make them look longer. It’s also the only treatment scientifically proven to promote growth, making the hair longer and thicker. And if you combine it with InLei® lash tint, the results are even better.

Check out InLei®'s lash lift benefits below.

Benefit #1: Lifted lashes

The primary benefit of all lash lift procedures is that lash hairs are lifted from the base. This opens up the eyes and makes the lash hairs appear longer. And, if you're using a standard eyelash lift, you'll get good results.

But, you'll get better results using InLei® lash filler. It uses exclusively designed silicone rods to curl the lash hairs. Each rod gets thinner as it nears the corner of the eye, allowing you to lift the whole lash line for amazing lifted results.

Benefit #2: Longer lashes

Long lashes make clients feel glamorous. And a standard lash lift will certainly make lash hairs appear longer. But they won't physically increase lash length... unless you use InLei® lash filler.

It's the only eyelash lifting treatment that promotes growth. So, lash hairs don’t just appear longer; they actually grow longer. The only other way this can be achieved is with lash extensions, which are a time-consuming, high maintenance procedure.

Benefit #3: Thicker lashes

This is the most revolutionary of InLei®'s lash lift benefits. InLei® lash filler is the only lash lift treatment globally clinically proven to thicken each natural eyelash by an average of 24% after three treatments. It creates fuller lashes which can only otherwise be achieved with eyelash extensions. And the thickening effect lasts up to 7 months.

How does it do it? There's an extra step in the eyelash lifting process that uses a nourishing solution that repairs damaged lash hairs and promotes growth, creating long and thick lashes.

Benefit #4: Curled lashes

InLei® thrives on raising the bar of excellence for lash lift products. And their revolutionary lash filler treatment is made all the more successful by their exclusive silicone rods that lift and curl the lashes.

There are different sizes and two curl lines: natural and dolly. Letting you find the perfect shape for each client. The natural line is ideal for straight lash hair, while the dolly line suits clients with naturally curly lashes.

Benefit #5: Nourished lashes

Most lash lifts are a two-step process. The first step deconstructs the hair and existing curl so you can move it to a new position. Then the second step fixes the hair in place. And that’s where a standard lash lift ends. But InLei® goes further.

It then uses a lash lift solution that not only promotes growth to make the hair grow longer and thicker. It also nourishes the bulb to repair damage and leaves lashes feeling beautifully soft and silky.

Benefit #6: Natural lashes

Eyelash extensions have been the answer to eyelash problems for years. But lash lifts have become more popular as clients favor techniques that enhance their natural beauty. And that's one of the big benefits of lash lifts. Unlike eyelash extensions, which add fake lashes, they give clients a luscious natural feel.

Benefit #7: Darker lashes

A lash tint is a perfect treatment to carry out alongside eyelash lifting. And clients can say goodbye to wearing mascara for a few weeks. Unfortunately, most tints only last up to four weeks. However, an InLei® lash tint lasts for six to eight weeks!

InLei® lash tints are made from a gentle solution that nourishes the lashes. They come in nine stunning colors, which can be used alone or mixed to find the perfect blend for your client's skin tone.

Benefit #8: Low maintenance lashes

Many women lead busy lives, so they want to look fresh and 'ready to go' without applying makeup when they get up in the morning. That's why they love the low-maintenance lashes a lash lift provides.

There's minimal aftercare and no touch-ups required to keep the lashes lifted. They simply need to keep lashes dry and avoid steam for the first 24 hours. Looking after lifted lashes is easy compared to eyelash extensions, as they need refills every 2-4 weeks.

Benefit #9: Longer lasting results

Standard lash lifts last 6-8 weeks, depending on your client's lash growth cycle. However, if you treat clients with InLei® lash filler, their lift will last 8-12 weeks! And that's without repeat trips to the salon, unlike lash extensions.

Benefit #10: Quick procedure

As we said before, many women lead busy lives. So they don't have time to sit in the salon having time-consuming treatments. But with a lash lift, they don't have to. Lash lifts are a faster alternative to extensions, which can take up to two hours. But with a lash lift, clients can be in and out of the salon within an hour.

Benefit #11: Works on all lash types

Many beauty companies ignore the dangers of harsh ingredients in lash lift products, which often means they can’t be used on all types of lash hair. But InLei® scientists have found the perfect combination of gentle ingredients that enhances natural lashes while nourishing the hair and promoting growth. This means InLei® lash filler is an effective treatment that works for anyone with weak lashes, damaged lashes, and even short lashes.

Take your standard lash lift services to the next level

Give your client's eyelashes extra oomph with InLei®'s amazing treatment that lifts, curls, and thickens natural lashes.

Get all you need for InLei® eyelash lift treatments from My Absolute Beauty

We are an eyelash lifting specialist who offers the entire range of InLei® lash lift products, from the solutions and tools to the training needed to provide a first-class service.

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