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Lash Lift and Tint Kit

Use InLei®'s revolutionary lash lift and tint kit to achieve outstanding results

Lash lifts and tints have fast become the most requested beauty treatments in salons around the world. And it's not surprising, as clients favor techniques that enhance their natural beauty and have long-lasting results. They require far less maintenance than eyelash extensions and give better results than a lash perm, and that's why people love them.

So, if you're already offering lash lifts and tints to clients, you're doing well. But you can’t rely on technical skills alone. You also need to use the best lash lift and tint kit available to give clients outstanding results to keep them coming back for more.

One product stands out high above the rest... the InLei® lash lift and tint kit.


What is InLei® lash lift?

InLei® has developed the only keratin lash lift treatment in the world clinically proven to thicken natural lashes by an average of 24% after just three treatments. And that thickening effect lasts for up to 7 months.

InLei® call their lash lift treatment 'lash filler.' It's a treatment that goes much further than a standard lash lift or lash perm. Not only does it lift natural lashes to make eyelashes appear longer. It also nourishes the lashes and promotes growth. So, eyelashes don’t just appear longer; they actually grow longer and thicker.

Lash filler is also an excellent alternative to lash extensions or lash perms for clients who have short eyelashes. And it gives sparse eyelashes a natural thickness that eyelash extensions can't help with. Thickening thin lashes for a fuller look.

What are the benefits of InLei® lash filler?

  • Lashes are curled along the entire lash line • Lashes thicken by 24% on average
  • Natural lashes grow longer
  • Lashes are nourished and visibly stronger • Lashes are unbelievably soft
  • Lasts 8-12 weeks (that's up to 4 weeks longer than a standard lash lift!)
  • Less maintenance than lash extensions
  • Better results than an eyelash perm

InLei® lash lifts significantly enhance natural lashes, giving awe-inspiring results that will have your clients returning time and time again.

InLei® lash filler products are available to order as single products or combined in a lash lift kit or lash lift and tint kit.


What is InLei® lash tint?

InLei® lash tints are made from a gentle chemical solution that uses argan oil to nourish and keep the lashes healthy. They come in eight stunning colors and can be used alone, or you can mix them to find the perfect blend to compliment your client's skin tone.

These tints can be used alongside a lash lift kit or as a stand-alone beauty treatment. And, while you're carrying out the lash lifting and tint, why not give your client's brows a tint too? These tints work on both.

What are the benefits of InLei® lash tint?

  • No need to wear mascara
  • Nourished, healthy lashes
  • Lasts 6-8 weeks (that's up to 4 weeks longer than a standard lash tint!)

InLei® lash tint products are available to order as single products or combined in a lash tint kit or lash lift and tint kit.


Who is InLei®?

InLei® is an Italian beauty brand that is the world’s number 1 in professional products for lash artists. ‘Made in Italy’ is a worldwide sign of quality for any product. And it’s the same for InLei®’s lash lift and tint kit treatments. They combine years of research, Italian craftsmanship, and raw material that guaran- tees high quality to give excellent results on eyelashes.

InLei® lash lift and tint kit products

InLei® professional lash lift and tint products are sold separately or are available in kits, including a lash lift kit, lash tint kit, or lash lift and tint kit.

A lash lift and tint kit includes:

InLei® lash tint

Lash tints come in eight stunning colors, which can be used alone or mixed to find the perfect blend to compliment your client's skin tone. Buy them in separate tubes or as part of a lash lift and tint kit.

InLei® lash tint developer cream

This lash tint developer cream helps to enhance lash tint colors without damaging the lashes.

InLei® lash filler form 1 solution

This lotion is used in the first step of the lash lift process. It's applied to natural eyelashes to gently break down the structure to remove the existing curl. Allowing you to move the lashes into their new position, using lash curlers as a mold. The product's ingredients make it a gentle formula for delicate and sensitive lashes.

InLei® lash filler fix 2 solution

This lotion is used in the second step of the lash lift process. It secures the curvature of the eyelashes, recreating keratin bonds to create a natural curl and lift. Its formula has been designed to work harmoniously with the first and third solutions to ensure stable curling of the hair without causing damage to the surface.

InLei® lash filler filler 3 solution

This lotion is used in the third step of the InLei lash lift process. You won't find this step in any other lash lift kit as it's exclusive to InLei®’s and the secret to their superior results.

Filler 3 solution has been formulated to gently penetrate and remain deep in the hair. It nourishes the bulb, repairs damaged lashes, and promotes growth. So, lashes don’t just appear longer, as they do with a standard lash lift. It's been clinically proven that they actually grow longer and thicker. In addition, it creates beautifully soft and silky lashes your clients will love.

InLei® TOTAL silicone lash curlers

InLei®’s revolutionary lash filler formulas are the key to delivering impressive results. But they’re helped by these exclusively designed lash curlers – a unique alternative to the curling rod used in a lash perm kit. Each eyelash curler is designed to get thinner as it nears the inner corner of the eye, allowing you to lift all the lashes, not just the outer ones. There are four sizes, plus two separate curl lines: natural and dolly. Letting you find the perfect shape and size for each client.

InLei® fixing gel

Never deal with irritating eye pads that don't stick again! These eye pads are made of latex-free sili- cone, and they cling securely to your client's skin while you carry out their eyelash tint.

InLei® helper tool

This helper tool is used to straighten, separate and smooth lashes over the eyelash curlers for the best results. Their silicone body makes them hygienic and easy to clean, and the S-shape makes them comfortable to hold.

InLei® Picasso (professional brush)

The Picasso professional brush is a straight cut brush that's perfect for applying the formulas onto your client's lashes with high precision, straight from your tray.

InLei® solo bowls

The solo bowls come with three separate bowls used for mixing lash tints. They have a stable base and a cavity to hold your brush and are quick and easy to clean.

InLei® lash fillering tool

This lash fillering tool is perfect for lifting and separately the lashes quickly while you apply the various solutions. Its compact size makes it easy to hold, and it's quick and easy to clean between clients.

Get all the products you need in one handy lash lift and tint kit

The InLei® lash lift and tint kit contains all of the products mentioned above in one convenient kit.

The InLei® lash lift and tint kit includes:

  • 1 x tint (choose from 8 colors)
  • 1 x form 1 solution
  • 1 x fix 2 solution
  • 1 x filler 3 solution
  • 1 x fixing gel
  • 1 pack of TOTAL silicon curlers (contains 8 pairs in different sizes)
  • 1 x tint developer cream
  • 1 x helper tool
  • 1 x Picasso brush
  • 1 x solo bowl
  • 1 x lash fillering tool

Get everything you need to offer InLei® lash filler and tint services from My Absolute Beauty

InLei® is the mark of quality and the standard of excellence in lash lift and tint products. That’s why we’ve partnered with them to become their official US headquarters.

My Absolute Beauty is an online beauty shop and trainer for licensed beauty professionals. With our help, you can provide clients with reliable and high-quality treatments that give impressive results. The type of results that makes them return time and time again.

We offer the entire range of InLei® lash filler and tint products, including the best lash lift kits and tint kits. Plus all the tools and marketing materials needed to provide a first-class service. Browse the range for the product details and kit out your salon today.

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We offer InLei® lash filler training too

We’ve partnered with InLei® to become the only beauty company in the US to offer lash filler training. Our courses are held online and are taught by skilled trainers. You’ll receive training manuals and certification. And you’ll get lifelong follow-up and support to keep you up to date with the latest trends, techniques, and tools.



Please note: InLei® lash filler and lash tint products are for professional use only. They are not suitable as a DIY lash lift kit.

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