As a beauty professional and lash artist, you know lash lift treatments are hugely popular. Clients want gorgeous, curled lashes that are long, lifted, and luscious. And they love the lazy, get out of bed, fresh, and ready-to-go look that this lash enhancement treatment gives them. And that's precisely what they'll get with a professional lash lift, carried out with top-quality products by a talented stylist.

But, a lash lift isn't really finished when your clients walk out of the salon. Because the way they care for their new lashes can make a significant difference in how long their lash lift treatment will last. The first 24 hours are crucial. But, there are also precautions your clients can take over the following weeks to help them keep the look for longer.

The last thing you need is for your clients to blame you if their lash lift droops prematurely. So you must give them expert lash lift aftercare tips... and take the opportunity to sell them some top-quality lash lift prolonging products!