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The beauty industry has been buzzing with excitement over the eyebrow lamination trend, which has gained immense popularity among customers looking to accentuate their brows in a natural way. This treatment has become a top choice due to its ability to deliver long-lasting, fuller, and well-defined results. With the increasing demand for this service, incorporating eyebrow lamination into your offerings can help you draw in more customers and increase your earnings.

But, if you’re only offering a standard brow lamination, you could be missing out on increased client satisfaction and sales. Because there’s a revolutionary professional treatment that’s the answer to all your client’s eyebrow-related prayers!

It still straightens and lifts the brow hairs to give a full and feathered look. But it also promotes growth, helping brows to grow thicker. And another advantage is that, when combined with a brow tint, the color lasts longer. Giving awe-inspiring results that will keep clients coming back for more.

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Did you know...

Brow lamination originated in Russia, where it became popular as a solution to unruly and sparse eyebrows.

MAB | brow bomber | virtual conversion course

Our comprehensive training program will teach you everything you need to know to confidently offer this popular and in-demand service to your clients.

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