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InLei Brow Lamination

The only brow lamination that's scientifically proven to promote thicker hair growth by up to 24% in just three treatments

All professional brow artists know that clients love to have full, perfectly shaped brows. It makes their face more beautiful and gives the eyes a proper framed look. And you also know, the secret to giving them those brows lies in using the best products available.

But, if you’re only offering a standard brow lamination, you could be missing out on increased client satisfaction and sales. Because there’s a revolutionary professional treatment that’s the answer to all your client’s eyebrow-related prayers!

It still straightens and lifts the brow hairs to give a full and feathered look. But it also promotes growth, helping brows to grow thicker. And another advantage is that, when combined with a brow tint, the color lasts longer. Giving awe-inspiring results that will keep clients coming back for more.


Enhance your client’s eyebrows with InLei® Brow Bomber treatment

InLei® is an Italian beauty company that developed an eyebrow procedure called Brow Bomber. It’s a brow lift that not only perms the eyebrows to lift them. It’s also the only lamination treatment globally that’s clinically proven to nourish the hairs and promote growth. Thickening eyebrows by 24% on average in just three sessions.

So, why not take your brow lamination services to the next level and offer a treatment that guarantees eyebrows that are:

• Beautiful

• Defined

• Tidy

• Soft

• Silky

• Nourished

• Stronger

• Thicker

• Fuller

• Easy to maintain

The results will last 6-8 weeks, with a daily application of InLei® Fashion Lash Serum, making them last longer.


How does it work?

InLei® Brow Bomber is a 3-step brow lamination treatment that deconstructs the hair structure so you can move it into a desired shape and direction. It then locks in the new look and nourishes the brow hair to keep it healthy and promote growth.

There are three steps in the process:

Step 1: InLei® Brow Lift 1 solution

This is a brow perm solution. It gently deconstructs the brow hairs to prepare them for modification, allowing you to change the hair’s shape and move it in its desired direction. Its delicate chemical formula is suitable for contact with the skin. And its non-drip consistency means you can perform the entire procedure with the client sitting up if they wish.

Step 2: InLei® Brow Lock 2 solution

This brow fixing solution works harmoniously with the first solution to lock in the new shape and make the eyebrow arch obedient in just 5-7 minutes.

Step 3: InLei® Brow Bomber 3 solution

This is the nourishing brow butter that’s InLei’s® crown jewel! But it doesn’t just nourish the brow hair and have a soothing effect on the skin. It also promotes thicker hair growth by up to 24% in just three treatments.

Its secret is in the high-quality ingredients:

• Macadamia oil balances the production of natural oils while nourishing and hydrating the hair without weighing it down.
• Argan oil makes the hair soft and silky. It repairs dry and brittle hair, hydrates, and neutralizes free radicals.
• Almond oil is an emollient that nourishes the hair, making it soft and bright.
• Marigold lipo extract soothes irritated skin and normalizes the production of natural oils.
• Chamomile flower extract is a powerful anti-inflammatory that calms reddened and inflamed skin and protects against external aggressions and allergies.

Over time, this treatment will make brow hairs grow, on average, 24% thicker to produce fuller eyebrows that will impress your clients... and their friends!


InLei® is the mark of quality and the standard of excellence in brow lamination products

InLei® is an Italian beauty brand that has partnered with us, My Absolute Beauty, to bring the highest quality beauty products to the US.

They combine Italian craftsmanship with high-quality raw materials to produce beauty products that deliver consistency. Their brow products have raised the bar on brow lamination, and their impressive results remain unmatched.

Their brow lamination products have been through a meticulous testing and formulation process. And InLei® scientists have developed professional-grade ingredients that restructure the hair without weighing it down, soothe the skin and restore damaged hair.

Their brow lamination is the only treatment backed by science – it's clinically proven to thicken lashes by 24%.


At My Absolute Beauty, we carry everything you need to offer InLei® Brow Bomber treatment to your clients

Every esthetician knows how necessary expert training and products are for providing reliable and high-quality treatments to clients. That’s why we offer both.

My Absolute Beauty is an online beauty shop and trainer for licensed beauty professionals. And the official US headquarters for InLei®.

With our help, you can give clients impressive results that make them return time and time again.


Get your salon equipped today

We offer the entire range of Brow Bomber products plus all the tools and marketing materials needed to provide a first-class service. Browse the range for the product details and kit out your salon today.

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InLei® Brow Bomber courses

We’ve partnered with InLei® to become the only beauty company in the US to offer Brow Bomber training.

Our Brow lamination conversion course is for beauty professionals who already know how to apply standard brow lamination treatment correctly but want to take their service to the next level.

We also have a course that teaches certified Brow Bomber technicians to become trainers. This course includes all the products you need to get started.

Plus, you’ll get lifelong follow-up and support to keep you up to date with the latest trends, techniques, and tools.

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