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Does Lash Lift Work on Short Lashes?

Discover the revolutionary lash lift brand that gives outstanding results on short lashes

As a lash artist, you’ve probably noticed how lash lifts have boomed in recent years. And lash extensions have become less popular as clients favor techniques that enhance their natural beauty.

Lash perms are another option for natural eyelashes, but it can be hard to know which of these treatments is best if your client has short lashes. Eyelash extensions seem like the obvious answer because they instantly add lash length. Whereas with a lash lift or lash perm, you've only got the client's natural lashes to work with. So, if they're short, what can you do about it?

We have the answer!


Introducing InLei® lash lift treatments

InLei® lash filler is a keratin lash lift treatment scientifically proven to promote growth. Making natural lashes grow longer and thicker by an average of 24%.

It's fair to say that all lash lifts will make short lashes look longer than they really are. But InLei® lash filler goes even further. So, let's look at how lash lifts work and how InLei® lash filler compares to a standard keratin lash lift.

How do lash lifts work?

A lash lift treatment involves lifting lashes from the base by molding them over a gently curved silicone shield. The technique uses two steps. The first step uses a solution that deconstructs the hair to remove its natural curl, then the second step uses a perming solution to fix the lift in place once the lashes have been molded into their new position.

This technique lifts the upper lash line, opens up the eyes, curls straight lashes, and makes lashes look longer. So, for clients with short lashes, this treatment will definitely give them longer-looking lashes. But a standard lash lift can only go so far.

InLei® lash filler vs. a standard lash lift

InLei® lash filler is a 3-step lifting treatment that takes a standard lash lift to the next level. Standard lash lifts have two steps. The first step deconstructs the hair. Then, once it's moved into its new position, the second step fixes it in place. InLei® lash filler does this too, but there's an extra step!

The third step uses a specially formulated lash serum that nourishes the hair bulb to promote hair growth. So, not only does InLei® lash filler make the lashes appear longer, lashes actually grow longer and thicker. In fact, it’s the only lash lift procedure in the world that’s scientifically proven to make lashes grow longer and increase in thickness by an average of 24%.

And that's not all. InLei® has developed a lash lift tool that makes their lash lift treatment all the more successful.

InLei® silicone shields are a unique lash lift tool that gives superior lash lift results.

After years of research, InLei® designed a lash curler that slowly gets thinner as it nears the inner corner of the eye. They’re stuck on the upper eyelids with a gentle adhesive and are used as a mold to shape the lashes. These silicone shields outperform the curling rods used in a standard lash lift because they use the whole upper lash line, not just the outer part. There are also different sizes available, plus two separate curl lines: natural and dolly. Letting you find the perfect shape for each client. The natural line is ideal for clients with straight lashes, while the dolly line suits clients with naturally curly lashes.

InLei® TOTAL silicone lash curlers:

  • Stay in place
  • Prevents the solutions from coming into contact with the skin
  • Are made from high-quality, non-deformable, 100% platinum silicone • Are comfortable to wear on the skin
  • Create an esthetically pleasing lift
  • Are easy to clean
  • Are reusable
  • Creates curled lashes along the entire lash line

InLei® lash filler vs. a lash perm on short lashes

For clients who crave a natural look, a lash perm is an alternative to a lash lift. But how does it work, and how does it compare to a lash lift on short lashes?

A lash perm involves wrapping the upper lashes around an eyelash curler to produce a tight curl. Although the curl opens up the eyes, unfortunately, it makes the lashes appear shorter than they really are rather than elongating them. So, eyelash perms are OK for clients with long eyelashes but not so great on short eyelashes.

Lash lift results, on the other hand, are much more impressive. The technique uses the entire length of the lash line to completely transform the eyelashes... they are lifted from the baseline, producing a more gentle and natural curl, opening up the eye area and making the eyelashes look dramatically longer while maintaining a natural look. And don't forget that an InLei® lash lift promotes growth, so eyelashes actually grow longer and thicker too.

In addition, an InLei® keratin lash lift lasts longer than perming - 8–12 weeks instead of 4-6 weeks. They require little upkeep, the aftercare is minimal, and clients don't need touch-ups for 2 to 3 months. They can also have a lash tint alongside an eyelash lift, complementing their entire look, creating a polished finish, and removing the need to wear mascara.

InLei® eyelash lifts don't just curl the lashes; they lift them up from the roots ND promote growth, so short eyelashes look dramatically longer.


InLei® lash filler vs. eyelash extensions on short lash

Eyelash extension involves gluing fake new lashes to individual natural lashes to add length, volume, and curl. They are applied using tweezers and lash glue, one lash exten- sion at a time. They work well for clients with short lashes because they add length. However, some clients may have weak or damaged lashes that may not be strong enough to support the weight of long and thick lash extensions.

InLei® lash lifts, however, work on all lashes, whatever their length or strength. That's because of the revolutionary third step in their lifting process... a nourishing solution con- taining carefully formulated oils that penetrate deep into the hair structure to repair damage and promote growth. Creating longer, thick lashes.

In addition, eyelash extensions will last for around 90 days. However, they are high-maintenance, and your clients will need to return to the salon for refills every 2-4 weeks to make them last that long. InLei® lash lifts also last for around 90 days, but with no touch-ups required. So, lash lifts require far less maintenance than eyelash extensions.

InLei® lash lifts produce long, thick natural lashes that outperform lash extensions without faking it!


Are you offering the best lash services to clients with short lashes?

Lash lifts are fast becoming the most popular eyelash procedure... and, as you’ve now seen, there’s an excellent reason for that! Lash lifting gives clients - even clients with short lashes - beautiful lifted natural lashes that also look longer, without the need for eyelash extensions.

But, if you’re only offering a standard lash lift, you could be missing out on increased client satisfaction and sales. Because InLei® lash filler goes even further than a standard lash lift.

It still lifts and curls lashes, but it also promotes growth, helping your client’s eyelashes to grow thicker and longer. Giving awe-inspiring results that will keep them coming back for more.

InLei® lash filler is the only lash lift procedure that naturally thickens and lengthens lashes

InLei® lash filler is a 3-step lash lifting treatment with added oomph! Most lash lifts have two steps. The first step deconstructs the hair, then the second step reconstructs it to fix it into its new position. InLei® Lash Filler does this too, but there's an extra step!

The 3-step process to longer, thicker natural lashes

Step 1: Form 1 solution

This chemical solution gently penetrates the lashes without causing damage to the structure. It decon- structs the existing curl, ready for it to be shaped.

Step 2: Fix 2 solution

Once the lashes have been shaped into their new curled position over a silicone shield, this setting lotion recreates keratin bonds and fixes the lashes in place.

Step 3: Filler 3 solution

This is the extra step that’s missing from a stand- ard keratin lash lift. This nourishing lash serum contains carefully formulated oils that penetrate deep into the hair structure to repair damage and promote growth. Creating longer, thicker lashes.

These three formulas work harmoniously to ensure a gentle and stable thickening and curling of the lashes without causing damage. In addition, the process is quick – taking just 45 minutes to an hour, and lasts for up to 90 days with no need for touch-ups.

You can also give clients a lash tint between steps one and two to further enhance the look. So, your clients will have naturally gorgeous bare lashes every day without wearing mascara.

InLei® recommends 2-4 sessions over 3-5 weeks, with the thickening results lasting for up to 7 months.

Create gorgeous natural lashes for all your clients

InLei® lash filler creates dynamic changes in natural lashes.

  • Lashes are curled along the entire lash line • Lashes thicken by 24% on average
  • Natural lashes grow longer
  • Lashes are nourished and visibly stronger
  • Lashes are unbelievably soft and silky
  • The lift lasts for 8-12 weeks
  • They are low maintenance compared to lash extensions
  • Better results than an eyelash perm
  • Works on all types of lashes... even short lashes

Who is InLei®?

InLei® is an Italian beauty brand that is the world’s number 1 in professional products for lash artists. ‘Made in Italy’ is a worldwide sign of quality for any product. And it’s the same for InLei®’s lash filler treatment. They combine years of research, Italian craftsmanship, and raw material that guarantees high product quality to give excellent results.

InLei® lash filler is the only lash lift treatment in the world clinically proven to thicken natural lashes by an average of 24% after just three treatments. And that thickening effect lasts for up to 7 months.

How did InLei® test these results?

InLei’s® scientists put its lash filler treatment through rigorous testing. They gave 20 volunteers a treatment once a month for three months. Throughout the tests, it was proven that the diameter of the lashes increased with each procedure. And on average, there was a 24% increase in lash thickness after three treatments.

My Absolute Beauty has everything you need to offer InLei® Lash Filler treatments

InLei® is the mark of quality and the standard of excellence in lash lift and tint products. That’s why we’ve partnered with them to become their official US headquarters.

Every beauty professional knows how important expert training and products are for providing reliable and high-quality treatments to clients. That’s why we offer both.

My Absolute Beauty is an online beauty shop for licensed professionals and the official US headquarters for InLei®. We have all the training, supplies, and tools you need to give your clients awe-inspiring results. The kind of results that keeps them coming back after their first treatment.

Stock your beauty salon today

Buy all your InLei® lash supplies online with us. We stock lash filler solutions as sample packs, single products, or kits. Plus, all the tools and supplies you need to carry out a first-class service.

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Become an InLei® certified lash artist

We’ve partnered with InLei® to become the only beauty company in the US to offer lash filler training.

Our lash filler conversion course is for beauty professionals who have already trained in lash lift applications but want to take their service to the next level. We also have a course that teaches certified lash filler technicians to become lash lift and filler trainers. This course includes all of the supplies you need to get started.

Our courses are taught online by skilled trainers and come with the most comprehensive training manuals and certifications. Plus, you'll get lifelong follow-up and support to keep you up to date with the latest trends, techniques, and tools.

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