InLei Professional Wax Kit
InLei® | Professional Wax Kit
The InLei® | Professional Wax Kit is a complete waxing system, offering professional-level waxing supplies for face and eyebrow waxing. Its specially designed wax heater ensures ideal consistency and performance, while its ergonomic design ensures easy use. Achieve salon-level waxing results with this professional-grade system. Made in Italy, this kit is perfect for professionals who want to give their clients the best waxing experience possible. The InLei® Professional Wax Warmer smartly melts the wax and maintains it at the perfect temperature for waxing, while the InLei® Sensitive Wax is gentle on the skin and leaves a smooth finish. The InLei® Protective Wax Collar helps protect the wax warmer from mess and ensures you get the correct amount of wax every time. The InLei® Spare Aluminum Pot is a handy extra in case your primary pot becomes dirty or damaged. And the Professional Wax Wooden Stick Applicators are a must-have for any waxing kit, as they allow you to apply the wax effectively. Some key features of the InLei® Professional Wax Kit include: A complete wax kit with everything you need for effective hair removal Made in Italy for professional-grade skincare A professional wax warmer that maintains the perfect temperature for waxing Sensitive wax that is gentle on the skin and leaves a smooth finish A protective wax collar to help prevent mess and ensure accurate measurement A spare aluminum pot in case your primary pot becomes dirty or damaged Professional wax wooden stick applicators for effective wax application Whether you're a professional skin care professional or a brow professional, the InLei® Professional Wax Kit has everything you need. With its high-quality wax, professional-grade wax warmer, and necessary tools, this kit is sure to make your waxing experience as smooth and efficient as possible. *Made in Italy. Only for professional use. See also: InLei® Professional Wax Warmer | InLei® Protective Wax Collar | InLei® Terry Towel
InLei® | Professional Wax Warmer InLei® | Professional Wax Warmer
InLei® | Professional Wax Warmer
                     Uninterrupted waxing with a smart wax heater! Beauty professionals need to do minor and significant waxing for clean results. Whether the amount of wax is small, it maintains to melt it effectively. We have a wax warmer with a helpful handle to carry the container correctly. The overall set is perfect for starting the wax process and maintaining it at a temperature with intelligent handling. A red light indicates heating up, and a green light means reaching the set temperature. Each order will contain: 1 x Wax Heater 1 x Lid 1 x Handle 1 x Saucepan 1 x Instruction Manual (in 4 languages) Product Details: ABS plastic material. Power: 40W Integrated Cable of 1.50m USA Plug. Temperature Range: 86°F to 257°F Saucepan Material: Aluminum Saucepan Diameter: 78mm Saucepan Capacity: 200ml *Smart thermostat setting to keep wax at the required temperature. This Wax warmer is the correct choice for the beauty professionals who need to do the waxing on their clients regularly. You should also check: InLei® | Protective Wax Collar | InLei® | Professional Wax Kit | Wood Stick Applicator Spatulas
InLei® | Protective Wax Collar InLei® | Protective Wax Collar
InLei® | Protective Wax Collar
Better protection to the Wax Warmer from unwanted spills! Accidental spills and wastage are possible while performing Wax on the clients. The safety of you, the clients, and the devices under usage is essential. Here, we will share information about how to save the Wax warmer. A product that will protect the warmer is InLei® Protective Wax Collar. When you take the stick covered with Wax, this collar will help take the extra substance and prevent the mess. In this way, you will not need to sanitize or clean the Wax warmer frequently. Product Details: Content: 50 Collars Fireproof cardboard up to 200° C Custom graphics from InLei® Made in Italy *SAFETY ALERT! Please dispose of the collar after use. It will help in maintaining sanitation. Some other products that you might like from our collection are: InLei® Mousse Delicate Cleansers | InLei® Eyebrow Pointed Tweezers | InLei® F Plus Sanitizer
InLei® | Sensitive WAX InLei® | Sensitive WAX
InLei® | Sensitive WAX
As a professional, you understand the importance of delivering top-quality waxing services to your clients. That's why InLei® Sensitive WAX has been created, specifically designed to gently and effectively remove facial hair while keeping your client's sensitive skin in mind. Unlike traditional waxes that can be harsh and irritating on the face, InLei® Sensitive WAX is made with a soft touch in mind. It smoothly and sensitively removes facial hair, leaving your client with a smooth and flawless finish. Our wax is perfect for use on delicate areas of the face, making it a must-have for your waxing toolkit.  Your clients will love the gentle and effective results of InLei® Sensitive WAX. Make it a staple in your waxing services and watch your business thrive. Important Information about the wax:  It is for the delicate areas of the face. Please keep it away from direct sunlight or heat. Store in a cool and dry place. Directions to use:  Preheat the wax at 122°F degrees. Clean the region you want to wax and then wait for it to dry. Pick a small amount with a spatula and apply it to check the temperature first. Afterward, apply the wax on the area to get treated and wait for it to get hard. Then peel it off gently in a decisive motion. Repeat it for other sections also. In the end, moisturize the skin for smoothness. See also: InLei® Mr. Stick Spatulas | Delicate Avena Mousse Cleanser | Angled Tweezers
My Absolute Beauty® 3-1/2 Inch Small Wax Sticks - Precision Beauty Tools for Professionals (Pack of 50)
My Absolute Beauty® 3-1/2 Inch Small Wax Sticks - Precision Beauty Tools for Professionals (Pack of 50)
  Unveil the secret to unparalleled precision in your beauty routines with the My Absolute Beauty® 3-1/2 Inch Small Wax Sticks. Crafted to perfection by industry experts, these precision tools are an essential addition to every beauty professional's toolkit, ensuring flawlessly executed procedures every time. Key Features: Precision Crafting: Elevate your artistry with these meticulously designed 3-1/2 inch small wax sticks. Whether you're a lash artist, brow specialist, or waxing professional, these tools offer unmatched precision for intricate and detailed applications. Versatile Performance: These wax sticks are versatile marvels, suitable for a wide range of beauty applications. Perfect for precise eyebrow shaping, flawless waxing procedures, and even intricate crafts, these sticks deliver consistent results that exceed expectations. Quality Materials: My Absolute Beauty® is synonymous with excellence, and these wax sticks are no exception. Crafted from premium-quality materials, they boast durability, ensuring they withstand frequent use without compromising on performance. Ergonomic Design: Featuring an ergonomic design, these wax sticks offer a comfortable grip that minimizes hand fatigue during prolonged usage. Achieve precision without sacrificing your comfort. Optimal Length: At 3-1/2 inches, these small wax sticks strike the perfect balance between control and maneuverability. Navigate even the tightest spaces with ease, ensuring every detail is meticulously addressed. Professional-Grade: Trusted by beauty professionals globally, My Absolute Beauty® products are synonymous with quality. These wax sticks uphold that reputation, delivering professional-grade results that impress clients and peers alike. Hygiene and Convenience:  Each pack of My Absolute Beauty® 3-1/2 Inch Small Wax Sticks contains 50 sticks, individually wrapped to maintain their cleanliness until you're ready to put them to use. With this generous quantity, you'll have an ample supply to fuel your precision applications. Elevate your beauty craft with precision and finesse. My Absolute Beauty® 3-1/2 Inch Small Wax Sticks are the embodiment of precision, reliability, and excellence in the beauty industry. Add these versatile tools to your professional arsenal and experience the art of precision like never before. Order now and let your skills shine through with every meticulous application.
Professional Wax Wooden Stick Applicators (100 pcs) Professional Wax Wooden Stick Applicators (100 pcs)
Professional Wax Wooden Stick Applicators (100 pcs)
Apply the wax smoothly with a correct professional spatula! A wax applicator is a tool that allows the experts to spread the correct amount of wax on the client’s skin. We have a set of the right ones to help remove the hair accurately. Our professional wooden stick wax spatulas to remove body hair are available. The proper application of the wax guarantees the perfect removal, and with our spatulas, you can do it better. Unique product specifications: One pack contains 100pcs. Made of natural Birchwood. Smooth surface. Non-irritating on the skin. Comfortable to use. It can get used for any part of the body. Dimensions: 6” x ¾”  Now, the waxing is getting easier to perform for experts with professional wooden stick applicators. Add it to the cart and get one pack for yourself. See also: InLei® Professional Wax Kit | InLei® Professional Wax Warmer | InLei® Protective Wax Collar

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