InLei® | Sensitive WAX


Sensitively pull out the facial hair with a soft touch!

Flawless results are possible with waxing, and the clients love their skin after the perfect hair removal process. To achieve a smooth surface on your client’s face, we have a surprise for you.

InLei® Sensitive WAX is the most gentle product to use on the face. It takes care of the sensitive parts and provides the smoothest results.

Important Information about the wax: 

  • It is for the delicate areas of the face.

  • Please keep it away from direct sunlight or heat.

  • Store in a cool and dry place.

Directions to use: 

  • Preheat the wax at 50°C degrees.
  • Clean the region you want to wax and then wait for it to dry.
  • Pick a small amount with a spatula and apply it to check the temperature first.
  • Afterward, apply the wax on the area to get treated and wait for it to get hard.
  • Then peel it off gently in a decisive motion.
  • Repeat it for other sections also.
  • In the end, moisturize the skin for smoothness.

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Customer Reviews

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DeeLisa Sacco
Great for Brows & Face

Wonderfully gentle but thorough

Love this!

I love this wax as an alternative for my clients who usually love threading!