purHENNA® | Brow Henna | Activator


Restore the natural growth of brows with phenomenal activator

The brow treatments in the clinic need attention! An activator that is beneficial and works during and after the complete process is a gift. purHENNA® Brow Henna Activator is one of the magical elements that will enhance the performance of the dye mixture for brows.

The results are even more outstanding when mixed with the purHENNA®'s Dye. This activator gets designed to add nourishment and strength to the brows. After adding this activator to the dye mix, one can notice the hair's great shape and effective natural growth.

Product Benefits:

  • Nutrify the dye tints.

  • Restore the shape of eyebrows.

  • It promotes the natural growth of the brow’s hair.


  • We recommend 8-10 drops per treatment.

  • One bottle is suitable for about 100 services.

The product is basically for professional use and works to offer better results. Also, check out: Brow mapping pencil and sharpener and PureHenna® Brow Mapping Paste.