InLei | Lash & Brow Tint | Virtual Course with kit
InLei | Lash & Brow Tint | Virtual Course with kit
Introducing InLei's professional lash and brow tint training! This comprehensive course will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to confidently offer lash and brow tinting services to your clients. Our online course will guide you through the entire tinting process, from selecting the right products and preparing your workspace, to applying the tint and finishing with expert aftercare advice. You'll learn about the different tint colors available and how to choose the right one for your clients, as well as the proper techniques for applying the tint to achieve beautiful, long-lasting results. During the training, you'll have the opportunity to practice on live models to perfect your technique and gain hands-on experience. We'll also cover important topics such as health and safety guidelines, as well as how to consult with clients to determine their individual needs and preferences. Upon completion of the course, you'll receive a certificate of achievement and will be able to offer professional lash and brow tinting services at your salon or spa. InLei's lash and brow tint training is the perfect way to expand your services and increase your revenue. InLei's tint products are of the highest quality and are specially formulated to provide long-lasting, natural-looking results. They are gentle on the lashes and brows and are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Plus, our tint is easy to use and provides consistent, predictable results every time. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills and offer your clients the beautiful, defined lashes and brows they desire. Sign up for InLei's lash and brow tint training today! Best of all you get The complete InLei® | Lash & Brow Tint Set This set comes with all 8 colors! as well as everything you will need to complete the treatment
InLei® | B-Brush (12pcs)
InLei® | B-Brush (12pcs)
B-Brush that is designed exclusively for the eyebrow. A new and improved brush that is designed specifically for the Brow Bomber treatment! The high-quality micro combs, medium stiffness steel wire, and thick bristles with a conical tip are perfect for combing thick and disobedient hair.   The B-Brush is stronger at the tip, allowing you to perfectly align brow hair by combing and shaping it with perfect precision. 12pcs per box. See also: InLei® Saline Pre-Treatment | InLei® Professional Brushes Set | InLei® Black Mapping Thread
InLei® | Premium F-BRUSH (12pcs) InLei® | Premium F-BRUSH (12pcs)
InLei® | Premium F-BRUSH (12pcs)
Erase the last sticking impurities fast for better procedures! Looking for the ultimate tool to help you prep for lash lifts and brow lamination treatments?  Look no further than InLei's F Brush! These premium brushes have medium-rigid bristles that are perfect for quickly and effectively removing impurities from lashes. Plus, the ergonomically designed handle and plugs for improved grip make it a breeze to use. And with 12 brushes in each pack, you'll have plenty on hand for all of your clients. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the InLei F Brush is a must-have for anyone offering lash and brow services like lamination or brow bombing. Make your procedures easier and more efficient with this top-quality product. Know some perks of the brush: It is helpful for the Lash Filler and Lifts procedures. Ergonomically designed handle. Plugs in the handle for improved grip. SIZE: closed - 65mm | open - 95 mm. One pack consists of 12pcs. Add this incredible product to your collection and observe the visible difference by making the clients happier. Some other helpful tools for you might be InLei® Saline Pre-Treatment | Angled Cleaning Brush
InLei® | Eyelash Aftercare Kit InLei® | Eyelash Aftercare Kit
InLei® | Eyelash Aftercare Kit
An ideal pack for the clients to take home after the treatment! The care after the performed treatment is essential for clients to do by themselves. A set of products to preserve the results for a long time with nourishment plays a significant role. With InLei® Eyelash Aftercare Kit, it is possible to maintain the desired results and take proper care. Let’s move on to the practical part and see what the order will contain. The Kit includes: InLei® Delicate Mousse Cleanser Aloe InLei® Frida Mascara InLei® Fashion Lash 1 Silicone Spoolie 1 Double-sided Aftercare Card with Eyebrows and Lashes instructions. With this Kit, one does not need to search for the products independently for providing a safe aftercare experience for the clients. Get this single wrapped Kit quickly with one click on the Add To Cart button. Also, check out: InLei® Eyebrow Aftercare Kit | InLei® Product Box | InLei® TEDDIES Silicone Brushes
InLei® | F Plus Sanitizer InLei® | F Plus Sanitizer
InLei® | F Plus Sanitizer
Quick cleaner to disinfect the makeup tools! Beauty treatments involve many tools to get the desired results. But, frequent disinfection is as necessary as utilizing them. Hence, InLei® has come up with “F Plus” to maintain the cleanliness of the various equipment sitting on your table. F Plus Sanitizer has the following properties: Specially designed for scissors, tweezers, small combs, and InLei® Silicone Curlers. It does both cleaning and sanitization. No dilution is compulsory. The formulation is odorless. Quantity: 500ml. MADE IN ITALY. How to use: First, remove the dust from the silicone tools or curlers. If any dye or glue is attached, rinse the device with water and soap. Immerse the equipment in InLei® F Plus entirely. Wait for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse with water. In the end, let it dry naturally. Bacterial Effect: 5 min Fungicidal Effect: 20 min Minutes Sporicidal Effect: 30 min Virucidal Effect: 30 min *Prevent the soaking to extend the indicated timings.  Warnings: Save eye contact. Do not inhale. Also check: InLei® Silicone Curlers  | Professional Gold Brow Scissor | InLei® Silicone Mascara Wands
InLei® | F360 Sanitizer InLei® | F360 Sanitizer
InLei® | F360 Sanitizer
Clean every beauty equipment instantly with one spray! A beauty professional has many tools to do the various procedures on their clients. Safety comes first, so the instruments you will use should get cleaned first. It becomes easy to sanitize the tools with the InLei® F360 Sanitizer.  It is a perfect mixture of water and alcohol, which removes every impurity. Hence, cleaning the equipment will prevent any allergies and save your clients' skin. It is suitable to clean tools of different materials like plastic or metal. Let's know some more: It kills approximately 99% of germs and bacteria. No extra water is necessary. It acts fast and does not leave any residual. Perfect for glass, plastic, metal, plexiglass, wood, and painted surfaces. Quantity: 500ml easy to dispense. 100% Made In Italy. How to use:  Spray on the surface. Wait for a few seconds. Use a tissue or cloth to clean. We recommend you use this spray every time before using the one tool on various customers. It will protect them from any irritations and also help in perfect procedures. See also: Professional Gold Brow Scissors | InLei® Fillering Tool | Multifunctional Metallic Tray
InLei® | Mr. Stick (Mixing Spatula 12pcs) InLei® | Mr. Stick (Mixing Spatula 12pcs)
InLei® | Mr. Stick (Mixing Spatula 12pcs)
A tool for improved mixing and Lash/Brow Treatments! You may have the best makeup products in the market, but do you have the proper mixing tool? Equipment that helps in mixing as well as the applications of the products. InLei® Mr. Stick is available to provide professional mixing.  The spatulas help combine two or more products and apply them during the Lash Filling and Brow Bomber procedures. Let us know more about the splendid product features: One box contains 12 white plastic mixing spatulas. The right tool to mix the tints and Henna. Definite shape to pick the products from bottles. Safe usage. *The material gets used to form the Mr. Stick spatulas that do not react with the chemical products. Make sure you should not let your mixtures stay longer on the metal.  Also check: Disposable Plastic Trays | Set of Solo Bowls | Eyelash Extension Blower
InLei® | Michelangelo Professional Brush InLei® | Michelangelo Professional Brush
InLei® | Michelangelo Professional Brush
Professionally correct the brows with a specially designed brush Every artist has the tools to craft the artwork beautifully. In the case of a Brow artist, it's the brush they use to add the definition and make every section of the eyebrows gorgeous. Well, InLei® is presenting Michelangelo! It is best for professional use for creating attention-grabbing eye looks. Surprisingly, the design got tailored with the collaboration with a historic Italian brush manufacturing factory. The precision with this fantastic brush is stunning, and handling is also easy with the outstanding style.  Interesting facts: The brush hair is resistant to water & disinfection slopped inch. It has an extra-fine texture. Soft and abrasion-resistant. Colorfastness. It absorbs a moderate amount of product. Light in weight. Practical and durable to use. 100% made with quality in Italy. If you have a few seconds, visit the InLei® Helper tool and InLei® Silver Lash & Brow Tint.
InLei® | Picasso (Professional Brush) InLei® | Picasso (Professional Brush)
InLei® | Picasso (Professional Brush)
Professionally add the product to the client's skin using Picasso! Have you ever faced a situation where the final results did not come up as expected? We can say that the tools you use to place the substances on the clients should be high in quality. Picasso is a special brush designed by InLei® for the desired outcomes. The straight-cut brush can apply the mixture from your tray to your clients' lashes with high precision. Not only this, but the handling of this brush is fantastic with total control. So, get good responses from your customers with the accurate results they want from you. We know you won't mind reading the product details. So, here it is:  It is water-resistant. Synthetic fiber gets used in the brush. 100% Made In Italy. You can go for this solo brush, or another option is to choose an Art Collection by InLei®, a set of three professional brushes. Check also: InLei® Michelangelo Professional Brush | InLei® Fillering Tool | Silicone Mascara Wands
InLei® | Vincent | Professional Brush InLei® | Vincent | Professional Brush
InLei® | Vincent | Professional Brush
Spread the color and other products ideally with Vincent! As a professional, each step in a procedure matters. Introducing the InLei® Vincent professional brush. Smooth and soft the Vincent Brush is created for the lash and brow services. Reusable brush fibers give the total control of applying everything from InLei® Lash Filler, Brow Bomber, and Tint. Each product application needs the comfort and control you will get with the InLei® VINCENT professional brush. Get started with the best product line available with InLei® Impressive product specifications: The brush is reusable. Water-resistant. Brush Fiber: Synthetic Made in Italy. Each InLei® product is made with the lash and brow professional at its root. Don't compromise with mimics or second-rate products. Show your clients the quality and precision you command with the InLei® VINCENT professional brush.    Also, visit other products such as InLei® Michelangelo Professional Brush, 2 in 1 Lash and Brow Brush+Comb, and InLei® Art Collection (Professional Brush Set).
InLei® | MINIONS | Micro Brush InLei® | MINIONS | Micro Brush
InLei® | MINIONS | Micro Brush
Perfectly defined lashes with fine detailing using correct Micro Brushes! The hair of the eyelashes and brows is small but is one of the most attractive features. Every client that goes for a lifting or tinting procedure knows that they want their lashes and brows perfect in shape and thicker! InLei® MINIONS is a collection of micro brushes specially made for doing the fine work correctly. Professionals know that the task needs high concentration to enhance these key features. So, the fine details get done precisely with the right tools. Get InLei® minions today and see the difference InLei® makes from treatment to tools the highest quality matters. Know about the features these micro brushes have: Perfect for the fine details. It performs well with lash lifting. Great for both the lash and brow tinting. One pack comes with 100 brushes. These are disposable. Create the look and style that customers love now with the InLei® MINIONS. Also, go and visit: InLei® Eyebrow Ruler | InLei® Pro Tint Remover | Application Brush White & Black
InLei® | Pusher Dispenser for Microbrush InLei® | Pusher Dispenser for Microbrush
InLei® | Pusher Dispenser for Microbrush
One dispenser serves unstained Micro Brushes for every use! The small tools that we need to apply the different substances to the client’s skin are micro brushes. These are necessary for using multiple products one after another without mixing any of the products on your tray. The good news is that now you can hold the number of minion brushes easily in one container. It will provide you with a clean dispense of the Microbrush every time without any contamination. Plus, it resists the absorption of dust particles on the brushes. Excellent product characteristics:  It is a practical dispenser. It is automatic. It can work single-handed. Order will contain 1 dispenser and 100 pcs of micro brushes. While doing the beauty treatment and you want the new brush for the following product application, get it with one slight push. Make your work easy and convenient with such a functional dispenser.  Go and also check Pack of 100 micro brushes | 2 in 1 Lash and Brow Brush+Comb |  Disposable Applicators
MAB | Silicone | Palette MAB | Silicone | Palette
MAB | Silicone | Palette
The My Absolute Beauty® Lash Lift Service Palette is a great tool for lash and brow professionals because it allows them to efficiently and effectively perform lash lift treatments. The palette has 5 sections that can be filled with different lash lift products, which helps to keep the workspace clean and organized. This reduces the amount of product used, which can help to save money, and also helps to reduce treatment time. The palette is made of silicone, which is easy to clean and prevents products from drying out. Its unique shape also helps to keep glue from drying out for up to an hour, which can be very useful during treatments. Overall, the My Absolute Beauty Lash Lift Service Palette is a great tool for any lash and brow professional looking to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. key features of the My Absolute Beauty® Lash Lift Service Palette include: Made of silicone for easy cleaning and durability 5 sections to keep all your lash lift products organized and within reach Helps to reduce product usage by up to 30% Uniquely shaped section for the glue to prevent drying The black color adds a professional touch to your workspace With the MAB Lash Lift Service Palette, you'll be able to streamline your lash lift treatments and provide your clients with beautiful, lifted lashes. The silicone material is easy to clean and the 5 sections allow you to keep all your products organized and within reach. Plus, the unique shape of the glue section prevents the glue from drying out, ensuring that your treatments are always efficient and effective.   After performing the treatment wash the palette with warm water immediately to make the cleaning process easier. Please note that tint will be absorbed into the silicone in a few uses but that will not affect the quality of the palette.  See Also: InLei® Tray  and  Everlasting Brows Disposable Tray
MAB | Lash Lift Covers MAB | Lash Lift Covers
MAB | Lash Lift Covers
Introducing My Absolute Beauty® lash lift covers, the ultimate solution to achieving perfect lash lift results every time. Our innovative clear covers are designed to prevent solution evaporation, maximize solution penetration, and stabilize the chemical process for optimal results. Our covers also act as a compensator to eliminate root tension, ensuring that your lashes stay in place throughout the entire treatment. Additionally, the clear design of our covers makes it easy to identify any lashes that may require re-positioning, ensuring that your clients receive a precise treatment. My Absolute Beauty® lash lift covers are designed to enhance your lash lift results: Each package comes with 3 sets of re-usable clear covers for each stage of the lash lift procedure.   The covers are used to prevent solution evaporation and act as a stabilizer for the chemical processing. The clear design allows easy identification of any lashes requiring re-positioning. The covers eliminate root tension ensuring that the solution stays in place throughout the entire treatment. It also helps to prevent any irritation or discomfort for the client during the tinting process by ensuring that the tint mixture does not seep into the waterline/eye. With My Absolute Beauty® lash lift covers, you can be confident that your lash lift treatments will be a success every time. Order now and elevate your lash lift game!
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InLei® | Lash & Brow Tint | SUNSHINE InLei® | Lash & Brow Tint | SUNSHINE EXP 9/22
InLei® | Lash & Brow Tint | SUNSHINE EXP 9/22
$12 $15
Product Expired 9/22  InLei® Lash and Brow Tint, the ultimate solution for achieving long-lasting color and definition in your lashes and brows. Now available at a discounted price due to the expiration date, though the product is still good for another year, as verified by the manufacturer. We have discounted this item to the cost for those who are comfortable using a product that adheres to the standard European code for expiration. This top-of-the-line tint is a must-have in any lash and brow bar, providing consistent, reliable results every time. Crafted with pure ingredients, InLei® Lash and Brow Tint delivers brilliantly rich color that lasts up to 6-8 weeks, even with the discounted offer on expired stock. You can use it alone or mix it with another InLei® tint color to create your desired shade. Plus, with 15 ml in each discounted package, you'll have enough product for approximately 100 applications. But that's not all - take advantage of the special offer on expired stock and explore InLei®'s Sunshine Lash and Brow Tint. This innovative product not only enhances the color of your lashes or brows but is also available at a discounted rate. Simply mix it with an activator, and witness the transformative effect on your lashes and brows. With InLei® Lash and Brow Tint, now discounted due to the expiration date but still good for another year, you can achieve the perfectly defined, colored lashes, and brows you've always wanted. Hurry and grab this limited-time offer while supplies last! Key Features: Lasts up to 6-8 weeks, even with the discounted offer on expired stock Can be used alone or mixed with another InLei® tint color Each 15 ml discounted package completes approximately 100 applications Activator required for Sunshine Lash and Brow Tint *Consult the InLei® Color Chart for blending and mixing tips. Please note, that a tint developer is required for this product to properly work. Listed here below  Get additional InLei® products: Tint Developer, Tint Remover, Pre Treatment *Consult the InLei® Color Chart for blending and mixing tips. Also, check InLei® Shiny Black Lash & Brow Tint or InLei® LamiCa Gel

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