InLei® | Eyebrow Aftercare Kit InLei® | Eyebrow Aftercare Kit
InLei® | Eyebrow Aftercare Kit
Serve the clients with outstanding results and an aftercare kit! Some professionals do not encourage their clients to get a good aftercare routine post the successful lash or brow treatment. The products guarantee lasting results, but a significant visible difference is possible with correct aftercare. We have designed an InLei® Eyebrow Aftercare Kit for the customers of the beauty experts so that they can hand it over to the people coming to get the service. It contains everything that will help maintain the fresh outcomes of the recently performed procedures. Kit Inclusions: InLei® Delicate Mousse Cleanser Aloe InLei® Fashion Lash 1 Silicone Spoolie 1 Double-sided Aftercare Card with Eyebrows and Lashes instructions. The gentle Aloe Cleanser will deeply clear the daily impurities, and the Clear Lash serum will help provide the essential nourishment to the skin and newly treated hair. We request you also to check out: InLei Silicone Mascara Wands | Under Eye Gel Patches | Gold Collagen Mask

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