Everlasting Brows | JULIANNE Corrective Pigment

$68 $34

Beautifully highlight the hair with a fiery touch!

Various colors such as black or brown and their shades are prevalent. But many people want to play with their looks and select the tints out of the available choices. The ginger red color is also one option that many people love to go for and try. 

A fiery red appearance can attain with the Everlasting Brows JULIANNE Corrective Pigment that any beauty specialist can add to their collection.. Trust us, and your clients will leave your clinic with satisfactory results.

Here is why to buy this pigment:

  • One bottle comes with 10ml.
  • You can match the client’s natural high color effortlessly.
  • The results can stay up to 1-3 years.
  • The raw ingredients are high-quality.

The pigment does not need any modifier and can also get mixed quickly to perform the best Semi-permanent treatments.

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