Everlasting Brows | CHANEL Microblading Lip Pigment


Beautiful lips with a pro "CHANEL" Lip Pigment!

Outlining and filling the lips with the desirable intense pink tint is easy now. People love to have the alluring lips that grab attention just like that. So, the beauty experts can choose to serve the gift of a magical set of lips their clients want. 

CHANEL lip pigment is another trusted product from Everlasting Brows. It makes the process of lip treatments a quick job with a high-quality consistency that gives long-lasting results. The specialists can get this and go for the improved lip procedures for their customers.

Surprising CHANEL lip pigment details:

  • It gives excellent coverage to the lips.

  • Perfect for both contouring and using on the entire part.

  • One bottle has a 10ml quantity.

Our lip pigment is a fabulous product for all the beauty experts who want to present satisfactory results to their clientele.

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