InLei® | Forma | Shields


InLei® | Forma | Shields

Product description

InLei® Forma shield, a revolutionary tool for lash professionals. With its unique half-moon shape and adjustable notches on the upper edge, the Forma shield allows for precise alignment of lashes.

The right eye is marked with a small dash for easy identification. The glossy surface in contact with skin improves adhesion, and in some cases, the shield can be used without glue. Made of 100% hypoallergenic platinum silicone, the Forma shield can be sanitized with InLei® F Plus and sterilized in an autoclave.

The external surface has two different finishes, and with no "petals" or creases, it is suitable for various lash lengths. Achieve the perfect curl for any client, regardless of lash length, with the InLei® Forma shield.


Key Factors:

  • Its half-moon shape allows indulging each person’s eye to perfection.
  • the notches on the upper edge help to adjust the correct direction while aligning lashes on the shield.
  • They are differentiated between the right and left eye. The right one is marked by a small dash.
  • The surface that is in direct contact with the skin is glossy to improve adhesion.
    In some cases, the shield can be used also without glue.
  • The external surface has 2 different finishes.
  • Made of 100% hypoallergenic platinum silicone
    of the highest quality. Can be sanitized with InLei® F Plus and sterilized in an autoclave.
  • Having no “petals” (creases), they are suitable for various lash lengths.

N.B. The curling achieved totally depends on the length of the natural lash. By taking a good look at the crease of the shield, we can already get an idea of where the curvature will fall, depending on the length of the client’s eyelashes. In general: if the hairs are rather long we will achieve a lift from the roots, on the other side if the lashes are rather short we will get a curl in the “belly of the eyelashes” (central part of the hair).

*These will ship out by 8/30. We will continue to update you via email on the arrival and shipment of your order. Thank you for your patience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Heather Warnberg
Love this product!

First time using this product and the results are amazing!


Best shields ever

Isela Vargas
The best shields

These shields are great for long and short lashes. The results look amazing 🤩


InLei® | Forma | Shields

Tiffany O’Bella Burke

They are universal for any client! Simple no glue placement and superior to sanitation. Try them you won’t be disappointed.

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