Lash lift membership ideas for stylists

Lash Lift Memberships are a fabulous way to increase client retention. Are you ready to get some great ideas that you can start using at your salon?
Lash lift membership ideas for stylists

Hey all you lash lift stylists! Have you been trying to come up with creative client retention ideas? Here are a few excellent ways that you could introduce a lash lift membership program into your salon.

Lash Lift Membership

After you've shown your clients how effective your outstanding services are with the best lash lifting materials on the market, offer them a monthly membership to keep them coming back!

Lash lift memberships are something that you can use to set your services apart from others. Entice your customers to become loyal lifters with fantastic deals that keep them coming back for more. These lash lift membership ideas will help you do just that.

Ideas For Membership Deals

There are many different membership programs that you can begin offering in your salon. Once you grab the customer with an introductory deal from the promotional list below, keep them coming into your salon on a schedule by joining the Lash Lift Membership program.

You may entice customers to purchase a Lash Lifting Membership if you offer this service. It will keep them coming back for recurring appointments at your salon.

Discounted Rates

One lash lift membership idea is to offer a discount with the purchase of multiple lash lifts. This would be great for customers who have been getting lash lifts from you and want to continue coming into your salon every four weeks or so but don't necessarily need all their lashes lifted during each visit. By offering them a discount, you can entice them to keep on coming back!

Package Deal

Another lash lift membership idea could be offering a percentage off other services when they book a recurring lash lift. This would be an outstanding lash lift membership idea for those customers who aren't looking to purchase multiple lash lifts but still want to keep coming back in.

Aftercare Savings

Another lash lift membership idea could be offering a discount on aftercare products that optimize the lash lifting process. Offering your customers discounts on these products after they have purchased several lash lifts is a great way to increase client retention.

Pro tip: An idea that many salon owners miss is offering discounts on products or services to customers who have purchased lash lifts but can't make it in for a lash lifting appointment. Offering them discounted prices when they book their next lash lift helps keep customers coming back.

Promotions to Run with Lash Lift Memberships

Promotions will depend on what you want out of lash lifting memberships in your salon; however, it is crucial that you have some sort of promotion going on at all times.

  1. Offer introductory rates to clients who become lash lift members, so they get a fantastic deal when they sign up for your lash lift membership package! (Example: Offer 50% off your usual membership rate for the first two months)
  2. Offer discounted services along with the purchase of a lash lift membership. (Example: New lash lift membership clients enjoy 30% off facials for their first three visits.)
  3. Offer lash lift memberships in a bundle with other services to make it more appealing. (Example: lash lift membership plus a chemical peel for only $250.)
  4. Offer a complimentary add-on service with the purchase of a lash lift membership.

Customize your lash lift membership to meet the needs of your salon and clientele. Offer a series of lash lifts for different prices, or make them unlimited!

Stand Out with Lash Lift Memberships

Client retention is one of the most important things you can have at a salon. One way to increase client retention is lash lift memberships.

Whatever program you decide to introduce into your salon, be sure that it's enticing and beneficial to both you and your client. This is a great way to increase lash lift appointments and keep your customers coming back!

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