Lash Filler (Eyelash Lamination): How it Works and How to Do It

There are plenty of lash lifts on the market, but only one is scientifically proven to increase the thickness of your lashes over time - InLei Lash Filler!
Lash Filler (Eyelash Lamination): How it Works and How to Do It

Let's talk about how Lash Filler works! This blog will dive into the eyelash lamination process and get the play-by-play straight from the source - Light Lashes Academy.

Lash Filler doesn't just make your eyelashes look better; it makes them feel better too! It is a real spa treatment for your clients. 

The entire InLei line of products, including its Italian origins, guarantees the use of high-quality raw materials and ingredients. The product has been analyzed, tested, and confirmed by the prestigious Research Institute of Milan.

Lash Filler not only makes your lashes look beautiful and healthy, but it also makes them thicker! In just three treatments, the average lash diameter increases by 24%.

How Lash Filler Works and the Correct Eyelash Lamination Process

There are plenty of lash lifts on the market, but only one is scientifically proven to increase the thickness of your lashes over time - InLei Lash Filler!

How Lash Filler Works - Timing

Lash Filler is an Eyelash Lamination process with buildable results. The key to optimizing outcomes with Lash Filler is all in the timing of the treatments.

Lash Filler should be done in three treatments, spaced out every four to six weeks. You can repeat these series 2-3 times a year to achieve and maintain desired results.

Eyelash Lamination Process

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to achieve the perfect eyelash lamination!

Step 1 - The eyes and eyelashes are evaluated to choose the proper curler. The eyes must be healthy at treatment, without any makeup, irritation, or other problems. Lashes must also be present and healthy.

Use InLei's MOUSSE to clean the eyelashes thoroughly.

Step 2 - The eyelashes and areas around the eyes are cleansed with InLei® SALINE PRETREATMENT.

Step 3 -  The lower lashes are blocked from view with the help of a PATCH (pad under the eyes). This also protects the skin.

Step 4 -  Fix shields in place with the InLei® FIXING GEL. To choose the proper curler, check that the customer's eyelashes are over half of the curler. The InLei® curlers numbered "1" are good for getting a more natural curl. They lift the lashes from the root. The InLei® curlers without numbers produce more of a "doll" curl because they work from the middle of the lashes to the tips.

Step 5 -  The lashes are lifted and put on the curler. Depending on what look you want, the lashes can be positioned more towards the outer edge of the eye or more vertically. The InLei FIXING GEL is used to help hold the lashes in place.

Step 6 - The first InLei® FORM 1 substance is positioned 1.5 - 2 mm from the root with a brush. According to the nature of the lashes: medium, thin or thick, it is left on for 6 - 14 minutes. The first solution is to be removed with a dry cotton swab.

Step 7 -  Apply InLei® FIX 2 the same way as the first substance. Leave it on for half the time it was left on for the first substance. Remove with a dry cotton swab when finished.

Step 8 -  While waiting for the second substance, the InLei dye is prepared by mixing InLei® DEVELOPER CREAM 1.5% 5 VOL with the chosen color and left to rest for a few minutes. 

After removing the second substance, you will put the dye on the eyelashes. You should put a thin layer of dye on the lashes at first. Then, you can add more of the dye to cover all lashes. Take the dye off with a cotton swab when the time is up.

InLei® dyes are formulated with the latest technologies. If the dye is light when you put it on, do not worry. The color will develop as it is on your hair.

Step 9 -  Apply InLei FILLER 3. Rub it in quickly with a brush. Let it absorb completely. Remove the curlers with a wet cotton swab without touching the lashes. Clean the root of the eyelashes with a micro brush to remove any dye residue.

See How Lash Filler Works

The result is exciting. It is simple, fast, and can work on any customer. The whole treatment, including dyeing, lasts approximately an hour, and the effect lasts up to 5 weeks. Naturally, the duration is very subjective from person to person. For the lucky ones, it can last up to 2 months. 

Remember that the Filler is more effective when it is used multiple times. You should use it three times in a row, with four weeks between each use. You can repeat the process two or three times a year.

Get Trained: Perfect Your Eyelash Lamination Process!

This blog has gone through the basic eyelash lamination process, but there's still a lot of information to understand beyond the simple hands-on procedure. You should take a professional course, as Lash Filler is a treatment for professional use only and not a do-it-yourself.

Where to Get Trained in InLei Lash Filler

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