Introducing Lady Shield: InLei’s Newest Product

Meet Lady Shield! This new brow protecting cream from InLei is perfect for use during brow treatments. It's easy to apply and helps keep your brows looking flawless. Lady Shield is a must-have for any beauty guru or esthetician. Trust us, your clients will thank you!
Introducing Lady Shield: InLei’s Newest Product

Lady Shield is a cream designed to protect brow skin during InLei Brow Bomber and other brow treatments. It contains Fomblin, Zanthalene, and Phytosphingosine - all of which are beneficial for protecting brow skin. This blog post will go over how to use Lady Shield, as well as the benefits of its ingredients. Stay safe and protect your brows with Lady Shield!


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Get a First Look at Lady Shield, InLei’s Newest Product


Meet Lady Shield! This new brow protecting cream from InLei is perfect for use during brow treatments. It's easy to apply and helps keep your brows looking flawless. Lady Shield is a must-have for any beauty guru or esthetician. Trust us, your clients will thank you!


At InLei, we get it - you want to keep your brows in the best shape at all times! But we also understand that you don't want to damage or hurt your delicate Brow skin while trying to do so. That's why in mid-2020, we started formulating Lady Shield, a Brow skin protecting cream developed specially for our Brow Bomber Trio treatment products. So now getting gorgeous brows isn't just convenient, but safe for sensitive skin, too!

Lady Shield Brow Skin Protecting Cream

Lady Shield was born from the notion of uniting soft and velvet-like femininity with a robust form of safety. By joining together "Lady," an affectionate term, with "Shield," symbolizing strength and protection, we have created something that is both comforting and secure.


For the duration of our two-year development process, we experimented with multiple formulas in an effort to create something unprecedented compared to existing protective creams already out there.

Learn About InLei Lady Shield - Brow Skin Protecting Cream


After analyzing the most popular brow skin protecting cream products, it became clear that they were primarily composed of greasy creams that are difficult to apply and clog pores. This is also evident in their visual appearance - a thick layer of shine weighing down on skin. However, we didn't cease our pursuit for greatness: we sought out to break standards by offering an unprecedented product with remarkable performance!


After a plethora of tests and modifications, we eventually discovered the optimal blend. In the next section, we'll introduce you to the tremendous elements that make InLei® Lady Shield remarkably distinctive!


Active Ingredients: InLei Lady Shield Brow Skin Protecting Cream


InLei® Lady Shield's proprietary formula is anchored in three core active ingredients:

FOMBLIN® - Understanding How to Protect the Brow Skin

Fomblin, developed by an Italian chemical company of excellence renowned for its innovative solutions and materials, is a scientifically advanced raw material that creates a clear, odorless and non-greasy film on the skin's surface to act as a barrier without blocking pores. Its water-repellent structure shields the skin from dehydration while preventing irritation or redness. Experience superior hydration with Fomblin today!


Outstanding outcomes and incredible performance have been detected through multiple clinical studies on both men and women with serious chronic dermatitis caused by metal powders, paints, detergents, and industrial oils. Unbelievably effective results were consistently seen when this product was used - proving its exceptional effectiveness in resolving these skin issues.

ZANTHALENE® - Brow Skin Protecting Cream Must Have

For thousands of years, the dried fruits of Zanthoxylum Bungeanum (otherwise known as "Sichuan pepper") have been utilized in traditional Chinese medicine due to its powerhouse active ingredient – Zanthalene. This natural component offers anti-inflammatory, calming and anti-itching effects that are beneficial for many. Widespread throughout Asia, it is a trusted remedy with longstanding use!

A unique feature of Eastern cuisine, these peppercorn-like fruits have a delicate lemony aroma and cause a soothing numbness in the mouth. This natural anesthetizing effect is due to their capacity for interacting with nerve cells beneath the skin's surface and alleviating discomfort as well as diminishing sensitivity.

PHYTOSPHINGOSINE - Great for any Brow Skin Protecting Cream

Our body's stratum corneum contains Phytosphingosine, a powerful element that can aid in restructuring our skin's protective hydrolipid film, reconstructing keratinocytes and also preventing bacterial and inflammation issues.

Phytosphingosines are the key to restoring your skin's natural barrier, and they become particularly effective in situations where your skin is weakened or sensitive. Not only do these building blocks form a protective hydrolipid film around you skin, but it also guards against chemical damage. With phtyosphingosines at work for you, your skin will be left unfazed by the application of Brow Lift 1.

Learn How To Protect Your Brow Skin with InLei Lady Shield


To use InLei Lady Shield During a Brow Bomber Application:

• Gently massage a small amount of cream onto the skin around your eyebrow arch with either your fingertips or a cotton swab for best results.

• Allow 3-4 minutes for the product to fully or partially be absorbed into the skin before proceeding with InLei® Brow Lift 1 - brow perm.

Not only is this product incredibly effective, but it can also be used at the conclusion of treatment as a calming and soothing balm.

Experience the ultimate results in hair removal with InLei® Lady Shield protective cream. This product is perfect for use around your eyebrows, providing a soothing effect when applied 3-4 minutes prior to tweezing or waxing.

Protect Your Brow Skin With Lady Shield From My Absolute Beauty

After experiencing the power of InLei® Lady Shield for the first time, your clients will be begging you to use it in all their treatments from now on! Grab Yours at My Absolute Beauty today, and don't forget to use code SPECIAL10 to save 10% on your purchase.

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