InLei's New Forma Shield: The Universal Intermediate Lash Lifting Shield for All Eye Shapes

We will cover when you should choose the InLei Forma Shield in this blog post, as well as when not to use it. Stay tuned for more information on our newest lash lifting shield!
InLei's New Forma Shield: The Universal Intermediate Lash Lifting Shield for All Eye Shapes

Introducing InLei's new Forma Shield! This unique shield is designed to suit all eye shapes and is the perfect intermediate step between our Only and Only1 shields. The half-moon shape of the Forma shield is ideal for almond eyes, protruding eyes, sunken eyes, and long lashes. We will cover when you should choose the InLei Forma Shield in this blog post, as well as when not to use it. Stay tuned for more information on our newest lash lifting shield!


InLei Lash Lift Shields - Only, Only1, and Forma

there are now 3 shield designs from InLei - each a unique shape to fit the desired effect for your client. Let's take a look at each shield and then spotlight our newest - the InLei Forma shields.


InLei Only Shields - Give a natural curl by raising the lashes slightly from the root.


InLei Only1 Shields - Dramatic "dolly" curl from the middle of the lash line.


InLei Forma Shields - Middle ground between Only and Only1 - Universal curl.



InLei Forma Shield Features & Reviews

Now that we've covered the basics of the three available InLei Lash Lift shields, let's take a deeper look at the newest addition to the lineup - InLei Forma shields.

InLei Forma Shield Features

The Forma Shield was designed as a compromise between InLei Only1 and Only shields. The unique InLei Forma shield's half-moon form is ideal for all individuals' eyes.


The Forma Shields also feature unique notches on the upper edge that help adjust and align lashes correctly. As an easy way to indicate right or left shields, an indicator is designed in the top corner of the right shields.


Forma shields are glossy where they meet the skin to improve adhesion. InLei Forma Shields are made of 100% hypoallergenic platinum silicone - which can be easily sanitized using InLei F Plus and sterilized in an autoclave.


InLei Forma Shield Reviews

InLei worked tirelessly to make sure their InLei Forma Shields were perfect before making them available to the public. They sent out roughly 50 pairs of shields to professionals and gathered feedback. These are some of the things they had to say:


"I find it a universal curler; it really fits all eye types and lash lengths. I have also noticed that this curl looks good on everyone as if it was created especially for each client/model you work with."



"It is very easy to position lashes on this shield, this greatly reduces the working time. I loved to use it on clients with long lashes from L to XXL: the result is really nice, symmetrical, and elegant"



"I worked with Forma, Lamica gel, and Helper 2.0: a super recommended combination! Also, I noticed that if you disinfect the in FPlus straight after work, there is almost no trace of dye on the surface. That's amazing!"



What Results to Expect from InLei Forma Shields


The InLei Forma Shields are designed to provide a universal curl that is perfect for all eye shapes and lash lengths. You can expect symmetrical, elegant results with minimal working time.


If you're looking for an intermediate step between InLei Only and Only1 shields, the InLei Forma shield is the perfect choice for you!


The shape of the shield allows for different goals to be achieved depending on the length of the lashes. If the lashes are long, you will achieve a lift from the roots. If the lashes are short, you will get a curl in the belly of the eyelashes.


When to use InLei Forma Shields

The Forma shield's unique design allows numerous lash types to have a lovely curl. Let us examine some additional instances when you'd want to grab an InLei Forma Shield:


  1. Forma is extremely beneficial for clients whose lashes are naturally short. Not only does Forma's shape open and deepen the eye, but it also gives more space to apply mascara.
  2. For clients with very long lashes, Forma Shields have guides that help to align the lashes, perfectly balancing the eye.
  3. Naturally Curly Lashes - The Forma shield is the perfect way to achieve a lifted, uniform curl.
  4. Lower Lashes that need taming - The Forma shield's design can help to curl lower lashes.


Forma Shields serve many functions for your lashes. They help to accentuate long lashes and almond-shaped eyes, giving them a more lined and open appearance. If the eyes seem "droopy," Forma Shields can help refresh the lashes so the eyes appear more awake and determined. Forma Shields are also perfect for both bulging or sunken eyes. Overall, InLei Forma Shields give the eyes more personality and pizzazz.


When NOT to use InLei Forma Shields

There is only one instance when we do not recommend using InLei Forma Shields and that is for clients with downturned lashes. For this lash growth pattern, the grow-out can become chaotic.

In all other cases, the InLei Forma Shield is an excellent option!


Now that you know everything about the InLei Forma Shields, it's time to put them to use and see the lash results for yourself! Head over to our website to purchase your own set of InLei Forma Shields today!


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