Bow To The Brow (Part Two)

Because brow worship is in and we’re here for it!


In part one, we began looking into why brows are needed and the important role you play as a beauty professional in providing microblading services. It keeps us from wandering back to 90s brows and gives sight to the translucent brows.


At My Absolute Beauty, brows are royalty and they are entitled to the best products — and services that transform. Join us in part two, as we continue our brow worship and dive into why beauty professionals play such a vital role.

Why We Need Microblading!


First, it was the 90s and then people born with translucent eyebrows, but there is more. Many more reasons for microblading and for beauty professionals who provide these services.


It was once thought that microblading was the question you never wanted your friend to ask, similar to “should I get bangs?” But, we know it’s not. Full brows are never a mistake. Never.  


Sure, you can weigh the pros and cons, but if you’re ready for an effortless look and no-fuss brows that you can roll with — no maintenance required — and no one knows this better than those do this day-in-and-day-out, the beauty professional!


So, here’s to your why and exploring how you make an impact!


Freedom Brows


There are those who are still suffering from the fallout of the 90s (see above), and many other issues that may cause brow thinning or hair loss that calls for filling in and spending a lot of time just maintaining the brows.


And, because the products can’t withstand certain things like being in the water or sports and exercise, it leaves people with melty and missing brows.


Our favorite story from a client that only speaks to why microblading is needed goes like this. After living most of her life with full brows, our client began to see them thin as she reached middle-age. So, she did what any other would do, she filled them in.


Her breaking point was at a lake day with her grandson. After spending a fun-filled day out in the water tubing, water-skiing, and swimming, at the end of the day, her grandson said this, “noma, your eyebrows fell off!” She got a good laugh, but wanted the freedom of being able to spend a lake day without worrying that her eyebrows might fall off!


Microblading has given her, her freedom back — and it does for many. There are no more embarrassing moments where your eyebrows rub off on a pillow, or sweat off after a long bike ride.


This is a sublime piece of mind. You provide freedom to many people through microblading.


Brows For Health


While for many, thinning brows may be attributed for unfortunate habits (overplucking and tweezing) and age, but for some it’s a result of health-related issues such as stress, thyroid concerns, alopecia, eczema, psoriasis, various forms of dermatitis, radiation, and chemo.


Many of these health issues make a physical and emotional impact that can leave a person feeling subconscious about they’re outer appearance, and microblading is a great solution to help revive and make someone look and feel great. And, this, this can go a long way and may even improve their health and wellness.


When you provide microblading services, you’re making someone feel more beautiful and that is a powerful gift!


Microblading goes beyond just a beauty service and it restores a confidence that has been disturbed by the 90s, translucent brows, fading brows that melt and smear, and health issues.


When you’re searching for your why, know you’re making a difference in how people feel and this is one of the biggest, brightest things you can do.


Give your client’s the best with our microblading products and services when you connect with us today!



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