A Sleek Spotlight

Meet Jasmine Bengtsson

The CEO and Beauty Stylist of Wishful Hair and a Master Trainer of Sleek Brows 3D Brow Building. 

Sleek Brows

Jasmine has worked with brows for over 15 years. As soon as she heard about ‘brow extensions’ Jasmine and her husband took the car and drove directly to another city to take the Sleek Brows course.

She was gracious enough to answer a few questions for all of our Sleek Brows Artists. You might want to take notes

  1. How do you measure the brows?  Everything depends on the customer’s face, nose, eyes and forehead. With these points you can draw brows that match their face best.
  2. Do you sit or stand while performing? I always sit on the right hand side of the client’s face. In that way I can always see the lines of the brows. This ensures that I can make the brows the same shape.
  3. Do you build & sculpt the same amount?   Depending on the client, if the client does not have any hair I put sculpt first and then apply the hair, and then apply sculpt again. If they have many empty spots in the brows I tend to put sculpt first and then hair. If the customer already has a lot of hair I put hair first and then sculpt
  4. Do you tint the brows before Sleeking them? Only if needed. This varies with clients. 
  5. How do you design a brow?   Designing a brow involves many steps for me:  I always ask the clients what kind of brow design they have in mind. If they have brought with them inspiring brow pictures or if they have looked into my portfolio and found any of their liking.  I compare their requirement with their existing brows and analyze whether or not it is possible to perform, and I always show my recommendation from my portfolio.  I make the customer understand why they can or cannot have certain brows, note: it is always good to have a mutually understanding before the treatment. Once agreed between the parties, I’ll start the treatment.  The guidelines I have is to always follow the basic shape of the clients existing brows, and help the brows to become more elegant for their face and even given the client a facelift.
  6.  What tips do you have for picture taking? 3 photos per client (side, front and other side). I also concentrate to take the same angle on the before and after photos. So the person who sees the photo can understand what has been constructed. Lightning in the room is very important, the more light there is in the room you are taking the photo in the more picture  zoom you will be able to do.
  7. What is your favorite thing about Sleek?  My favorite part with Sleek Brows is that it enables me to help others with their brow problems, everything from cancer, alopecia, partial hair lost to people who simple just need help with constructing their brows to a correct shape that fits their face.
  8. What has Sleek Brows brought to your business?  I do almost everything within hair and beauty, but sleek brows took over all of my services. Today I have 3-5 customers a day where I conduct sleek brows on. It has also brought me into a teacher level, where I feel I belong and also love being.

Check out some of Jasmine’s work below or on Instagram

Jasmine’s work and talent is truly something to aspire to. Thank you Jasmine for setting an example to all of us.


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