5 Beauty Procedures You Should Never Do Yourself

We are women, hear us roar!

In a world of women’s empowerment and do-it-yourself attitudes, we applaud those who expand their knowledge base and skills to do more for themselves. However, there are just some things that are better left to the professionals. I mean, you wouldn’t do your own surgery or build your own home, right? We encourage folks to do a self-pedicure every now and again, but there are some beauty procedures that you should make an appointment for and never do yourself.

Join us today as we discuss some of the procedures you should definitely leave to the beauty professionals.

Lash Lift

While we are sure that a talented beauty professional may be able to attempt their own lash lift, we highly advise against it. Not only is it a logistical nightmare, but you’ll also need your eyes to be as still as humanly possible to apply the lash rod and let the solution set. Additionally, to get the best lift, you must painstakingly separate each lash hair, which is nearly impossible to do on your own face. Not to mention, the angle at which you’ll have to hold your arms to perform your own lash lift, your arms are going to get heavy and tired quickly, which leads to a haphazard lash lift, and that is not a good look on anyone!

Lash and Brow Tint

Even if you use top quality products, when you are using chemicals near your eyes, it is always best to let someone else do it with a steady hand. Again, during a lash or brow tint, it is important to keep your eyes still during the procedure. It is very impossible to do it when you are focused on your own face. Learning proper tinting procedure takes a great deal of training and a professional skill set. It is best to let the certified professionals do it.

Permanent Makeup

Let’s be honest, applying permanent makeup is not the most comfortable procedure. Even if you have medical grade numbing ointment, permanent or semi-permanent makeup (SPU) that must be tattooed on causes some pain and irritation. It is difficult for most people to hold their hands steady, knowing that the moves they are making will hurt. We highly recommend never doing your own permanent or semi-permanent makeup, especially around the eyes. Make your life easier and your makeup flawless when you trust the beauty professional to apply it for you and when they use high-quality products like Everlasting Brow.


Along the same lines as SPM, microblading on your own face is nearly impossible to do without moving or flinching. Holding your hand steady to create markings that mimic natural hair is extremely difficult to do with your own hand. To rock microbladed facial hair that you’ll be confident showing off, leave the application to the beauty professional who does it regularly.

Brazilian Wax

This tip is more of a logistical one. The whole reason you are getting a Brazilian wax is to get rid of everything and unfortunately, no amount of yoga will prepare us to successfully complete our own wax. Save yourself the frustration and missed spots and schedule an appointment at your favorite waxing salon.

Put your best face forward when you find a certified, highly skilled beauty professional to perform all of your beauty procedures. At My Absolute Beauty, we provide top-of-the-line lash lift, lash and brow tint, and SPU products. We also provide training for beauty professionals by the industry’s experts. Visit us online to find a certified beauty professional near you!

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