4 Reasons Why Lash Lift For Men is Trending

Do you have lash envy on your office crush? Chances are it’s intentional. In recent years, lash extensions have been a growing trend for men in the corporate world.

The same way we want to remind potential clients and lead negotiations without having to say “my eyes are up here,” is the same for men in highly competitive markets.

Lash lift is a great alternative to extensions for so many reasons, but for men, in particular, it offers perfect grooming and accentuation of the lashes, without adding falsies. In today’s post, we will discuss the top five reasons that lash lift is trending for men in 2019.

They want us to get lost in their eyes.

What’s the first thing you notice about a man? If you said his eyes, you’d be like more than 60% of American women. Sure, the deep blues, hypnotizing hazel, or striking brown irises may make you want to gaze longingly, adorning those eyes with perfectly groomed brows — which has been a socially acceptable trend for men for over a decade now — and thick, long, dark lashes helps to trap you in their gaze. Swooning yet?

They have some serious pampering envy.

Girls, for centuries, have gone to salons to be pampered — hair, nails, massage, lashes and brows, dermal fillers, waxing, etc. — while the men-folk were banished to remaining burly and rugged. We could reference evolution here, but these trends are a thing of the past. The modern man is well-groomed and manicured, showing he puts as much effort into his looks and hygiene as he expects from his potential mate. And, as men try out the salon services, they fall in love too, and who wouldn’t?

Because perfect lashes are a good look on everyone!

It isn’t a far cry from a brow wax to lash and brow tinting and then a lash lift. As brows evolve into perfectly manicured forehead patches, the focus naturally drifts to the frumpy, clumpy lashes beneath. To enhance the overall look of the eyes and make the face appear brighter and more awake, a lash lift is the perfect service for everyone. And, paired with a lash and brow tint and va-va-boom! Insta-ready.

2019 is the year of shattering gender norms.

Here’s the thing. It’s 2019. Gone are the days of “that’s for chicks.” Men and women, alike, can engage in whatever behaviors ad grooming practices suit their fancy and it’s completely acceptable — nay, encouraged. No longer is it gender-bending or does a man have to deal with his sexuality being questioned when he invests time and money into luxury salon services to make himself look and feel his best. The modern man has adopted an “I do me” mentality and we love it.

At My Absolute Beauty, we absolutely love that lash lift is trending for men. We love this service so much, we would lash lift the world if we could, and we are trying! Lash lift uses your own natural lashes to provide a thicker, fuller, longer look to help brighten and enhance the eyes, naturally. We gladly include men in lash lift training or as customers. Our lash lift supplies are completely unisex.

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