3 More Qualities of a Lash Lift Artist

In our last blog post, we discussed five amazing qualities of lash lift artists who deliver amazing services to their customers every day. By offering stellar lash lifts, you are making your customers feel better about themselves, which makes them lead a quality life. We will continue our look at qualities that make great lash lift artists in this blog post. My Absolute Beauty offers the best lash lift training and lash lift supplies. Visit us online today to get started!


Customer Service Skills

Aside from loving people, you’ll need to be proficient at taking care of customers’ needs, such as making them comfortable, while they are in your salon or day spa. Some will arrive grumpy, and they are hoping you can make them happier. Some will just be unhappy no matter what. Some will be a problem. People are people, and once you realize that it’s really nothing personal, that the person is unhappy for other reasons, you can brush them off and their behavior. Going above and beyond is what will keep your customers coming back to you for their lash lift services and lash lift supplies.


In addition to being detail-oriented, being a lash lift artist requires patience. You need to ensure that all of the upper lashes are separated from the lower lashes, that the adhesive is applied to all of the lashes on the shield so that the lashes can take their shape. Then once the perming solution is applied after all of the lashes are applied to the shield, it has to sit for up to 12 minutes. You don’t want to rush any of the steps in the lash lift process even if you have customers waiting. If you don’t let the perming solution sit for long enough, you won’t get the full effect you are going for, and an unhappy customer is a lost customer. Most people don’t mind waiting for top-notch services done right. You also don’t want to end up skipping a step in the lash lift process, either inadvertently or on purpose, which could compromise the overall aesthetics as well.


Due to the fact that the average lash lift takes about one hour from start to finish, you’ll need to have a bubbly, talkative personality in order to make the time go by faster for your customer who is used to instantaneousness. By chatting about local happenings, the weather, or their day, you can put those at ease who have never had a lash lift before and just overall make their day brighter.


These days, people want one-stop shopping for all of their needs. They want to be able to drive to one place and get all that they need, from groceries to beauty needs. When you offer a variety of services at your salon or day spa, you’ll be more likely to not only gain more customers, but keep them there longer. Thus, your customers would love to be able to get their hair done, get a lash lift done, get a massage, perhaps get their nails done, and have the option of microneedling or microblading as well. You’ll retain more customers and keep their loyalty, especially if your customer service level is stellar, when you are able to offer multiple lines of service.

My Absolute Beauty is doing its part by offering lash lift training courses so you can begin to offer lash lifts at your salon or day spa. As an aesthetician, not only will you gain more knowledge about beauty treatments, but you will be able to recommend what is better for the customer when you are trained in multiple beauty tasks. Furthermore, you’ll become more valuable, more employable, and earn more income when you are cross-trained to be able to offer multiple non-invasive cosmetic procedures, such as lash lifts.

Moreover, My Absolute Beauty offers all of your lash lift supplies, supporting you 100% of the time as you embark on your lash lift career. We offer marketing materials, including aftercare flyers and posters, and lash lift kits, which contain everything that you will need for your soon-to-be thriving lash lift practice. From lifting lotions to shield protective balm, My Absolute Beauty has got you covered. Our mission is to make your lash lift practice function seamlessly by offering easy-to-use lash lift supplies that are long-lasting. The beauty of lash lifts (pun intended) is that they speak for themselves, meaning that the results are simply amazing. Truly, offering lash lifts with stellar customer service, patience, and an outgoing personality will be all you need to do to have a thriving day spa or salon. Visit us online today to learn more about our lash lift training!

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