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Removing a client’s eye makeup is a crucial step before applying a lash tint or lifting service. Use this Belma Remove, the eye makeup remover for the best results.

  • Gentle
  • Effective
  • Prepares and cleans the lashes
  • Sets the lashes up for a perfect lash service

Invest in a quality makeup remover that is both gentle and effective before your next lash tinting or lifting service. Not only do clean lashes prepare them, but it also allows for a better end result!

Size: 30ml sample size or 125ml size.

Belma Remove is for the modern color stylist. Belma powerful but gentle formula removes unwanted mascara and make up before you perform an eyelash perm or tint.

It also works as a tint remover! Remove tint from around the eye area or your hands and clothes or where ever else you need it!

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125ml, 30ml