Give your clients the long, luscious lashes they’ve been dreaming of with this Elleebana lash lift kit.


This kit contains 30 lash lift applications. It differs slightly than the pro kit in that it only comes with the keratin boost — a stellar Elleebana product that is beneficial to the lashes.


  • Contains keratin boost
  • Produces long-lasting results
  • Cost-effective
  • Great for the newly licensed professional


This kit is recommended for the newly licensed lash lift professional who wants to provide clients with lashes that are fortified with keratin, while still giving lasting results. This is a cost-effective way to bring high-quality lash lifts to your clients.

Keratin boost – This lash serum incorporates pure Keratin that thickens, strengthens, and reinforces natural eyelashes and eyebrows and gives them more energy to grow healthy.


This Elleebana Lash Lift Kit includes:


  • Lash Lifting Adhesive
  • 30 Lift Lotions #1
  • 30 Setting Lotions #2
  • Elleevate Keratin BOOST Serum
  • Silicone rod Set: 4 Sizes each
  • Lash Lifting Tool
  • Belma Remove 30ml
  • Application Brush
  • You also get a full using INSTRUCTIONS in English with this set.
  • Comes in signature box.
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Additional information

Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 3 in