Perfect your eyebrow shading and ombre technique!


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Everlasting Brow’s pigment thinner is great for extending the tone range of your pigment line and increasing the total volume of your kit. Use it to create lighter shades when blended with any pigment color. This is great for eyebrow shading and ombre techniques. Whether you are applying lip or eyebrow permanent makeup by machine or manually, you can use this product.

To use:

  • Mix equal parts thinner to pigment to achieve 35-50% lighter shade
  • Mix thinner and pigment well
  • Multiple pigment colors may be used

Certainly it can be used with all of Everlasting Brow’s pigments or combination of pigments. The 10 ml multi-use bottle can be used in several procedures.

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Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions .5 × .5 × 1 in