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This durable stand can hold up to 16 tubes of Elleevate or Elleeplex Mascara. Elleebana designed the Elleevate and Elleeplex Mascara to be an everyday mascara and you can wear it on lashes with or without a lash lift. The special Elleebana formula mascara partners with a lash lift treatment and is gentle enough.

Elleevate and Elleeplex contains naturally occurring Keratin complex. Keratin is a strengthening protein that you can find naturally in skin, hair, and nails. Keratin’s job is to protect and strengthen the natural lash while your client wears Elleevate Lash Lift Mascara. It also contains essential amino acids (arginine and biotin) that play the important role of healing and strengthening. These two speed up the repair time and promote healthy growth of lashes after wearing lash extensions, over-styling, or require some extra care.

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