Eyelash Mirror

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See every corner of the lashes without moving from your seat

All the beauty professionals will understand this! Small tools can save the efforts for the actual process by not letting you move a lot. The one that is helpful during the lash treatments is the Eyelash Mirror. 

Applying and checking every part of the lashes with care is extremely important for satisfying the clients. The great finished eyelashes are easy to create using this small compact tool in the kit.

See the astounding advantages: 

  • One can check the lashes from all angles.
  • It provides help in working more efficiently.
  • Excellent finishing to the lashes.

You can see it as a dental mirror that aids the dental appointment to be fast, but it is the Eyelash Mirror when it comes to eyes.

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    Elena Zharkova
    I love this!

    I love this mirror! My favorite helper